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Fake Customs facebook selling cheap vehicles

10:49 | 07/07/2016

VCN- The General Department of Customs and local Customs have confirmed that the Customs authorities have not sold or liquidated any vehicles, or provide cheap vehicles on Facebook, but now on a number of social networking sites there still appears fake Customs agency sales and tax evasion of vehicles, and liquidation of vehicles.  

fake customs facebook selling cheap vehicles 323
A page impersonating Customs authorities selling liquidated vehicles

Despite being fake information, these pages have been liked by thousands of peoples and shared.

These pages have used the Customs logo, using the image of the Customs and show pictures of lots of expensive vehicles for sale at very low prices to defraud consumers, such as Honda SH 150i (import) with price of 20,000,000 vnd, SH (producted by Vietnam) with price VND 15,000,000 vnd, SH Mode for 10,000,000 vnd,  and  Honda Airblate for 10,000,000 vnd .

fake customs facebook selling cheap vehicles 323
A fake vehicle page offering liquidation from the Customs Department in Kien Giang.

To try create trust for the buyer, these pages also use addresses in the districts of the local border. Particularly using fake customs authorities to liquidate cheap vehicles showing photos of people buying vehicles.

Consumers need to be careful with the vehicle sale scam page on the social network Facebook.

By Dang Nguyen/Hoang Loan