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Customs provide 181 online public services

15:39 | 30/06/2016

VCN- According to the General Department of Vietnam Customs, the sector has provided 181 online public services, including 167 services related to administrative procedures.

customs provide 181 online public services
Customs procedures are more convenient. In photo, operation at Cao Bang Customs Department      Photo by: Thai Binh

Currently most of the administrative procedures are available online public service access 4 level  is the highest level in our country. With the number of online public services now at 4 level, Customs has created favorable conditions for enterprises in implementing administrative procedures relating to the clearance of cargo; taxes, charges and fees; procedures for maritime transport by electronic method (via the internet) ...

The electronic portal of the General Department of Vietnam Customs (www.customs.gov.vn) has provided  information, online public services support businesses implement customs procedures, looking up tariff, HS codes; counseling, assistance Customs policy ...

Apart from the electronic information website,  local Customs departments are connected to the electronic portal of the provinces and cities which has contributed actively to the reform of administrative procedures.

The  leaders of Customs IT and Statistics Department (General Department of Vietnam Customs) said: the General Department of  Vietnam Customs is one of the only ministries having a  number of administrative procedures provided online at public service level 4.

This is one of the break throughs in information technology of the General Department of Vietnam Customs in 2016 and is the next stage is improving the quality of online public services. In 2016, raising and building online public service on the Customs electronic portal to ensure public service is provided  a minimum 3 level as per regulations of the Ministry of Finance.

By Thai Binh/Hoang Loan