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Van Don Airport to welcome first international flight

09:46 | 09/05/2019

VCN – According to an announcement of Van Don International Airport, they will start to deploy international flight from Bao An International Airport, Shenzhen (SZX), China to Van Don International Airport (VDO), Vietnam from May 27, 2019.

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Van Don Airport. Photo: Q.H

Earlier, Quang Ninh Customs Department issued a Decision to established Customs working group at Van Don International Airport under Cam Pha port Customs Branch.

Accordingly, the Customs working group performs the State management of Customs at Van Don International Airport in accordance with current regulations to ensure management; closely coordinate with the subordinate units and other competent forces within and outside the sector to perform the assigned tasks in accordance with its competence.

Talking to reporters of Customs News, the leader of Cam Pha Port Customs Branch, said that the Customs and Aviation Security forces have prepared the necessary conditions in order to be ready to welcome the first international flight to Van Don International Airport.

To prepare for the first international flight, the Customs IT and Statistics Department (General Department of Vietnam Customs) has trained 14 officials on how to operate, use and exploit aviation single window for aircraft entry, exit, transit and VAT refund systems for foreigners.

More than 30 customs officials working in positions such as risk management, control and supervision, anti-smuggling and handling of violations, information technology have been given the content of processes and procedures in the current legal documents related to State management activities at the airport.

By Quang Hùng/Thanh Thuy