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Reviewing overall customs management

15:37 | 30/06/2016

VCN- The General Department of Customs will carry out reviewing, assessing the overall situation in performing the tasks on basis of the Customs Law and guidelines, in order to detect the overlap of functions  and duties, gaps and specify weaknesses and have solutions to overcome. 

The General Department of Customs intends to review and assess the current situation in regard to the Customs Law and guidelines.  The objective of the review is to ascertain any overlap of functions and duties, and to identify weaknesses, and propose solutions.

reviewing overall customs management
Operation in Phu Tho Customs Branch (Ha Noi Customs Department)

According to the General Department of Customs, now the Customs Law and the documents guiding the implementation of the Customs Law was promulgated relatively complete, firms, associations have appreciated the building, promulgation and perfect legal regulations  for import and export procedure has really reduce time of customs procedures, saving time customs clearance, release of goods, cost of firms. The General Department of Customs has advised that the Customs Law and the documents guiding promulgation of the Law are now mostly complete.  Companies and Business Associations have appreciated the improvements to import and export procedures which will save time in Customs clearance, speed up release of goods and reduce costs.

Customs Authority is also one of the state management agency organizes regular consultation meetings with businesses; receptive, listening to the opinions of businesses and timely completion, additional provisions to suit the practical activities.

Customs has used regular consultative forums with Business Associations to gather information and opinions from the business sector in order to improve Customs services,

However, according to the  General Department  of Customs, in the process of implementing organizations in the units in the sector is not yet fully operational processes remain uncompleted, the implementation process is inadequate , incompatible with the practice and unsatisfactory in the customs administration.  However, some Customs units are not yet fully operational so change processes remain uncompleted.

Therefore, the General Department of Customs  request three local customs units is Customs Department of Ha Noi, Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh City to review, evaluate and report the status and effectiveness operating under their duties on the basis of the Customs Law and guiding documents.  Consequently, the General Department of Customs had directed 3 local Customs Branches in Hanoi, HaiPhong and Ho Chi Minh City to review and evaluate the proposed changes. The 3 Branches will report on the status and effectiveness of changes in their Branches.  They will outline all processes from pore-entry clearance to post clearance to detect overlaps gaps and weaknesses, then recommend solutions

Draw a outline  of all the processes of customs management for export, import goods from the pre-entry clearance to post clearance aim to detect the overlap of functions, duties, gaps, indicating the weaknesses to have the solutions to overcome.

By Ngoc Linh/Hoang Loan