April 02, 2023 06:48

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Vietnam Customs uses new uniforms from April 1, 2022

15:52 | 31/03/2022

VCN- According to the provisions of Decree No. 02/ND-CP dated January 7, 2021 of the Government on traditional flags, pennants and symbols, customs insignia, badges, nameplates, insignia, uniforms, customs identification and typical signs of means of customs patrol, control and supervision, from April 1, 2022, Vietnam Customs uses new uniforms.

Decree 02 with many new points overcomes the shortcomings and limitations of Decree 10/2005/ND-CP in order to build the image position of the customs force in the direction of regularity, modernity as well as the majesty of the custom in the process of performing their duties; building a beautiful and professional image and enhancing the position of the customs force in the process of performing the task of "guarding the economy's gates".

New uniforms: changing colors, styles of spring-summer customs uniforms and regulations on uniforms for forces working in anti-smuggling work.

Specifically, the color of spring - summer outfits has changed from blue shirt color to dark blue with the same color of pants; On the shoulder of the sleeve, there is a customs symbol attached and there is an adjustment in style for convenience, neatness and elegance during use.

New uniforms exclusively for anti-smuggling forces have been changed to meet the requirements of the mission, ensuring that the uniforms show majesty and power to suppress criminals in the fight against smuggling and transportating illegal goods.

By Manh Hung- Duong Hung