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Hai Phong Customs collects VND10,000 billion

10:43 | 06/03/2022

VCN - The revenue of Hai Phong Customs from the beginning of the year to February 20 totalled VND10,295 billion, according to the General Department of Vietnam Customs.

Professional activities at Hai Phong Customs. Photo: T.Bình
Professional activities at Hai Phong Customs. Photo: T.Bình

The revenue collection of Hai Phong Customs increased by 36.76% over the same period last year (equivalent to an increase of nearly VND2,700 billion), reaching 16.18% of the whole year’s target.

With the above results, Hai Phong Customs is the 2nd unit to achieve a revenue of VND10,000 billion or more (together with Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department reaching VND16,466 billion) and contributes 17.32% of the whole sector's revenue.

According to Hai Phong Customs Department, the unit's impressive revenue comes from the high growth of import and export turnover, especially imported goods with tax. In January, the total import-export turnover was about US$9.54 billion, up 23.1% over the same period in 2021.

In which, export turnover reached nearly US$4.63 billion, increasing by 23.2% over the same period in 2021; the taxable turnover alone reached US$47.31 million, rising by 210.8%. import turnover reached more than US$4.9 billion, up 23% over the same period in 2021; the turnover with tax alone reached more than US$1.9 billion, an increase of 24.6%.

Notably, taxable import turnover of items such as auto parts and accessories; motorcycles; motorcycle components and spare parts; petroleum; iron and steel; machinery and equipment increased over the same period in 2021.

Typically, auto parts and components reached US$41.87 million, up 38.8%; gasoline reached US$82.16 million, up 13.9%; iron and steel reached US$220.70 million, up 45.7%; machinery and equipment reached US$407.62 million, up 18.9%.

In 2022, Hai Phong Customs Department is assigned to collect VND63,630 billion, and the target assigned by the General Department of Vietnam Customs is VND67,050 billion.

To ensure the completion of the task, Hai Phong Customs Department decided to assign the target of revenue collection 2022 to the affiliated customs branches.

Accordingly, two out of nine affiliated branches have been assigned to collect VND10,000 billion or more, including Hai Phong port area 1 Customs Branch with VND20,330 billion (the target is VND21,800 billion); Hai Phong port area 3 Customs Branch has the second-highest revenue target with VND11,500 billion (striving target VND12,350 billion).

In 2022, all nine branches under Hai Phong Customs Department have targets of budget revenue of VND10,000 billion or more.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy