August 11, 2022 19:21

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Ha Tinh Customs contributes to creating resilience for the Central region's economy

09:36 | 30/01/2022

VCN - In the last days of the year, we returned to Ha Tinh, witnessing the bustling scene of shipments pouring into border gates and seaports, “carrying” more tax revenue from activities in import and export for Ha Tinh.

Customs officers of Vung Ang port (Ha Tinh) inspect and supervise goods at the port. Photo: M.Hung
Customs officers of Vung Ang port (Ha Tinh) inspect and supervise goods at the port. Photo: M.Hung

Strength from import and export

In 2021, import and export activities in Ha Tinh province still maintained growth momentum with many positive bright spots.

In particular, in the last months of 2021, when the pandemic was gradually controlled, the Ha Tinh Customs Department closely followed and drastically implemented the directive documents of superiors to fulfill the "double goal" including pandemic prevention, socio-economic development and achieve positive results.

To see the positive results of Ha Tinh Customs, the reporters had the opportunity to visit Vung Ang port in the days approaching the New Year of the Tiger. Contrary to what we thought, the Vung Ang port welcomed us with the hustle and bustle of shipments, receiving and handling customs clearance procedures for enterprises more urgently than ever.

Looking into the distance, many ships have docked at the port ready to carry thousands of tons of goods to transport everywhere, it can be seen that Vung Ang is strong and stable. Although the weather is not very favourable, the spirit of workers on the wharf and in the factories in Vung Ang economic zone still maintains an urgent pace.

As the leading enterprise in the field of export goods production of Ha Tinh province, in 2021, Iron and Steel Limited Company Formosa Ha Tinh (FHS) produced 6.4 million tons of steel billets.

Talking to reporters, Mr. Cao Duc Thang, Head of Vung Ang Port Customs Sun-Department, said that the value of FHS's exports in 2021 reached more than US$1.9 billion. In the context of an increase of steel prices, FHS's production results not only met the domestic demand for steel but also contributed to reducing Vietnam's trade deficit and make an important contribution to the State budget of Ha Tinh province.

In addition to traditional products such as steel, textiles, garments, tea, in 2021, Ha Tinh opened up a new export stream with OCOP products to the European and Japanese markets, contributing to raising the export turnover of the whole province with more than US$2 billion, up 66.7% compared to 2020.

As of December 31, there were 1,097 boats entering and exiting through the Vung Ang - Son Duong port border gate. The Vung Ang Port Customs Sub-Department opened 4,587 declarations with a total import-export turnover of more than US$5.3 million, thereby contributing more than VND7,121 billion to the State budget. In the context of general difficulties, but the budget collection received positive results, marking the efforts of the unit in performing the tasks.

At the Cau Treo international border gate in the last days of the year, the flow of people and vehicles crossing the Vietnam - Laos border is bustling. Every day, Cau Treo international border gate welcomes hundreds of vehicles for customs clearance.

Mr. Le Minh Duc, Director of Cau Treo International Border Gate Customs Sub-Department said that the Sub-Department received and cleared 8,255 declarations with a total import-export turnover of US$305.74 million this year. Thereby, the unit had collected and paid more than VND443 billion to the State budget, up 35.4% over the same period in 2020. This was the highest figure achieved by the unit so far.

Every day, the Cau Treo international border gate receives and carries out procedures for 400-500 turns of people and means of entry, exit and import. The Cau Treo Customs and functional forces have been ensuring the service of people and means of entry and exit to carry out procedures.

Supporting enterprises

The Ha Tinh Customs Department completed the plan in 2021 with total budget revenue of VND7,598.93 billion by December 31, reaching 146.7% compared to the assigned estimate, increasing by 57.84% over the same period in 2020.

Mr. Dinh Van Hoa, Deputy Director of Ha Tinh Customs Department, said that the sudden increase in import and export tax revenue was due to the rapid development of the province's economy.

At the same time, despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the spirit of accompanying and solving difficulties for import-export enterprises, the Ha Tinh Customs has also drastically implemented reform of administrative procedures; applied information technology to maximize support for enterprises in operation and collection, payment to the State budget.

In harmony with the atmosphere at border gates and seaports, units of Ha Tinh Customs Department are also making efforts to complete the task for an expected year with many difficulties.

According to Mr. Dinh Van Hoa, in the future, the unit will continue to promote the reform of administrative procedures, effectively apply information technology systems and management software to professional work.

At the same time, direct the units to actively exchange and capture information on import and export activities to accompany and remove difficulties with enterprises, especially enterprises with high revenue and regular import and export frequency. The Customs Sub-Departments arrange officers and civil servants on duty 24/7 to ensure import and export activities are carried out smoothly and safely, minimizing goods stuck at the border gate.

Mr. Hoa said, on the eve of the new year 2022 with high hopes, the Ha Tinh Customs officers and employees would continue to unite and be creative to achieve assigned political tasks, especially the task of budget collection in 2022.

By Hong Nu/ Binh Minh