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Seize about 100 tons of goods in the smuggling line at Lang Son

20:16 | 21/12/2018

VCN – According to Ministry of Public Security Portal, the criminal investigation on Corruption, Economics, Smuggling (C03), chaired and coordinated with the High Commander of the flying squad, a professional unit of the Ministry of Public Security and competent forces in Lang Son area, to arrest 24 subjects while committing the act of transporting about 100 tons of goods including: medicines, spare parts, car accessories, home appliances ... worth billions.

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Competent force seized smuggled goods

During the night of 14/12, in Cao Lau Commune, Cao Loc District, Lang Son Province, competent forces caught 24 subjects while they were illegally transporting and smuggling goods across the border from China to Vietnam. In that, 22 people are Vietnamese, two are foreigners. The objects were loading and unloading goods from cars which had foreign license plates, to cars which had Vietnamese license plates.

At the scene, the competence forces seized two cars which had foreign license plates, and five cars having Vietnamese license plates, and about 100 tons of cargo, including medicines, spare parts, car accessories, home appliances ... worth billions that were wrapped in bag.

It is known that the C03 has urgently ordered the arrest of people in the case, and issued a decision on temporary arrest for the act of illegal transportation of goods across borders for 8 subjects.

Currently, C03 continues to expand the verification, investigation and clarification of criminal acts and the role of related subjects in order to handle in accordance with regulations.

By Đảo Lê/Thanh Thuy