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Manpower deficit at Phu Quoc Customs

14:15 | 28/11/2019

VCN – In the implementation of functions and State management of customs at Phu Quoc International Airport, Kien Giang Customs Department said that currently, there are many difficulties and shortcomings arising at Phu Quoc Customs Branch, especially a shortage of manpower.

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Phu Quoc Customs Branch supervised luggage via scanning machine together with Security force when implementing immigration procedure.

Particularly, Phu Quoc Customs Branch has managed not only international airports but also processed customs procedures for cruise ships, sea cargo and investment and import-export enterprises in the area. At Phu Quoc Customs Branch, there were times when there were less than 10 customs officials but they had to arrange five shifts to work within 24 hours, leaving many customs officials very tired.

Typically, on November 22, Phu Quoc Customs Department only had 10 customs officials but had to process procedures for 20 international flights with about 2,000 passengers on exit and entry the country and cruise ships with 2,000 travellers. Meanwhile, the office of the customs authority at the international departure and the international arrival terminal was narrow, each room was only more than 10m2. Customs officials had to make use of these rooms to nap while waiting for implementing procedures between flights, causing many difficulties in working and living.

Besides that, coordination with port enterprises units in opening the working area was not guaranteed. Specifically, the internal walkway to the conveyor supervision area and aircraft apron located at the international arrival terminal was not open at the same time as the open time of check-in counters and gates in this area, it only opened when there were international flights. From there, it caused difficulties for customs officials to carry out supervision of conveyors for luggage, means of exit and time to check pre-flight information for risk management of passengers before the flight. Phu Quoc International Airport has not arranged instructions for implementing procedures at the customs procedures locations which was about the contents needed to be declared under the provisions of law, new documents and policies of customs authorities.

Currently, the declaration of customs procedures of the airline through the Aviation Single Window mechanism (API) was not guaranteed, while some airlines also carried out manual paper records without following the instructions of General Department of Vietnam Customs. Kien Giang Customs Department has instructed Phu Quoc Customs Branch to guide airlines and airline agents to declare entry and exit procedures of aircraft as prescribed. However, until now, the declaration has not met requirements, so the unit still applies clearance procedures via paper submissions.

Kien Giang Customs Department has also proposed the General Department of VietnamCustoms work with the Aviation Corporation to direct Phu Quoc Airport to consider arranging official residence in the port area for customs officials to rest if they have to work 24/7 at the airport. It should have a plan to arrange a working room for customs offials at the cargo terminal when there were arising problems and the inspection room.

Kien Giang Customs Department also reported proposed providing more professional facilities and recommended coordination solutions to make customs procedures faster and more convenient.

By Đăng Nguyên/Thanh Thuy