November 29, 2022 14:01

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Bac Ninh Customs sets out three goals to support enterprises

09:23 | 26/05/2022

VCN - Thanks to removing difficulties for the business community and improving efficiency and effectiveness of management and supporting people and enterprises, Bac Ninh has contributed to ensuring quick customs clearance and maintaining business production.

Bac Ninh Customs clears first batch of exports across Tan Cang-Que Vo ICD Bac Ninh Customs clears first batch of exports across Tan Cang-Que Vo ICD
Bac Ninh Customs assists enterprises Bac Ninh Customs assists enterprises
Bac Ninh Customs removes obstacles for export processing enterprises Bac Ninh Customs removes obstacles for export processing enterprises
Bac Ninh Customs sets out three goals to support enterprises
Operation of THK Manufacturing Co.,Ltd in Vietnam. Photo: Thai Binh

Three goals of accompanying and supporting enterprises

Recently, at the Business Dialogue Conference in 2022, Rocom Electric Vietnam Co., Ltd (address at Lot CN02-1, Bac Ninh Province) raised questions related to samples exported via express delivery service; the making of export declarations and finalization reports.

Hyosung Financial System Vina Co., Ltd. asked whether the company is allowed to lease part of the factory to another export processing enterprise.

The questions were answered by the Bac Ninh Customs Department. About 40 other problems of local importers and exports were also raised at the conference

Deputy Director of Bac Ninh Customs Department Duong Minh Duc said that the department has set out three key goals.

Firstly, the department develops and completes legal customs documents to remove difficulties for the business community, enhances efficiency and effectiveness of management, and supports people and enterprises.

Second, the department will expedite customs reform and implementation of e-customs procedures and the development of the Digital Customs and Smart customs model, ensuring the satisfaction of people and businesses in public service performance.

Third, the department will build professional and responsible public services; strengthen political and ideological education in combination with training and retraining and improving the qualifications and efficiency of customs officers amid the increasing workload.

The local customs department has actively supported enterprises in building factories, inspecting conditions for production facilities, and guiding the implementation of tax policies for each regime.

This helps businesses understand the legal policies, avoid errors in the customs process, and encourages businesses to comply with customs laws.

For example, at Tien Son ICD Customs Branch (Bac Ninh Customs Department), the branch mainly carries out customs procedures for import and export goods, including machinery and equipment to create fixed assets for the production of enterprises, raw materials and supplies imported for processing and export. In addition, the branch carries out procedures for some imported goods for trade and consumption under the destination port declared on the bill of lading.

The Branch has supported enterprises on-site. Each customs officer has solved problems for businesses. On the other hand, the customs has assisted businesses via e-mail, phone, dialogue and working offline.

“On average, each month, the branch processes procedures for about 17,000 to 18,000 import and export declarations. The branch regularly requests its officers to strictly comply with new regulations of the government, ministries and General Department of Vietnam Customs. On the other hand, the branch has maintained smooth customs clearance and facilitated trade for importers and exporters.”

Facilitating customs clearance

Among 6,000 importers and exporters implementing customs in Bac Ninh province, THK Manufacturing Co., Ltd in Vietnam (headquartered in Tien Son Industrial Park) has operated in Vietnam for 15 years.

The company’s representative said that as a processing company, it depends on imported raw materials and components. Therefore, the company has been supported by Bac Ninh Customs in the customs process, preventing disruption of raw materials and components and maintaining production.

“The company expects to invest more equipment to expand the production, and hopes that the local customs department will continue to support the company in customs clearance in 2022,” the representative said.

A representative of Fuhong Precision Components Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Dinh Tram Industrial Park, Bac Giang) said Bac Ninh Customs has helped in customs clearance and processing additional declarations and handling problems in the customs process. Therefore, the company’s production is still maintained with a production capacity of about 80% of the capacity compared to the period before the Covid-19 pandemic.

By Thai Binh/Ngoc Loan