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70 new procedures of Ministry of Health will be connected to Single Window

20:53 | 18/09/2017

VCN – Those new procedures of Ministry of Health that will connect to Single Window mechanism focus on 4 areas including pharmaceuticals - cosmetic; Preventive healthcare; Food safety; Medical equipment.

70 new procedures of ministry of health will be connected to single window
Granting license for importing medical equipment is one of the five procedures of the Ministry of Health connected to National Single Window will be expanded nationwide. Source: The Internet.

According to Decision 3972/QĐ-BYT issued by Ministry of Health about Action plan for implementing Single Window and ASEAN Single Window of Ministry of Health till year of 2020, in the period of 2017 – 2018, the ministry will officially open implementation nationwide for 5 procedures that have been connected and add 70 new procedures to single window mechanism.

In that, the field of pharmaceuticals – cosmetic has the most number of procedures with 32 administrative procedures; next is medical equipment with 19 procedures; preventive healthcare has 14 procedures; food safety has 5 procedures.

In the period 2019 – 2020, Ministry of Health will complete the implementation of all administrative procedures in state management of the ministry for import-export goods, transit and temporary import and re-export goods via National Single Window (NSW) under the form of online public service level 4 and online fees payment.

Currently, Ministry of Health has 5 administrative procedure connected to NSW including: granting certificate of the state inspection agency for imported food quality; Registration for quick food test document; Licensing import of medical equipment; import procedures for cosmetics which already sell in Vietnam; import procedures for finished medicines which have registration numbers in Vietnam.

From June of 2015 to the end of August 2017, the Ministry of Health handled more than 46,500 dossiers of 2,225 import-export enterprises operating in the fields related to 5 procedures above.

Although the Ministry of Health has actively implemented the National Single Window and change in the method of implementing administrative procedures, moving step by step from manual handwriting on paper to electronic files, in fact, implementing procedure on the National Single Window mechanism of Ministries is just an electronic action some of the steps in the procedure; Mechanical transfer of some forms of electronic documents. Most dossiers still require submitting hard copy or scanning and sending in an attached form. This does not only create redundancies and overlap information and documents but also reduces the performance efficiency of IT systems.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy