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Quang Ninh Strives to shorten customs clearance time

10:17 | 14/02/2020

VCN- Quang Ninh Customs Department has set a target of shortening customs clearance to 10 minutes for import goods and less than three hours for export goods, reducing the rate of Red channel declaration to less than 15 percent of the total declarations of the department.  

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quang ninh strives to shorten customs clearance time
Customs operation at Mong Cai Border Gate Customs Branch (Quang Ninh Customs Department). Photo: Q.H

Quang Ninh Customs has developed a plan on measurement of Customs release and clearance time 2020 at its customs branches, aiming to shorten the goods clearance time according to the target.

This is a task annually deployed by Quang Ninh Customs Department to assess the process of carrying out Customs procedures, as well as determine time and responsibility of the Customs authorities in customs clearance for import and export goods.

Through analysis, the department will assess data and measurement results as a basis to evaluate the efficiency of the implementation of solutions to reduce goods clearance time.

On the other hand, the measurement of release/clearance time also contributes to improving the quality and efficiency of administrative reform, the satisfaction of enterprises to facilitate import and export activities and remove difficulties for the business community in carrying out customs procedures.

In 2020, Quang Ninh Customs will continue to measure four durations for all import and export regimes processed under the e-customs procedure method, including the duration from receiving registration of official declaration IDC/EDC until releasing/clearing goods; the duration from checking dossier until releasing/clearing goods and allowing enterprises to bring goods to storage; duration for operations during the customs process (including dossier check, physical inspection, fulfillment of tax payment obligation); duration for operations of other specialise inspection agencies arising within the duration of registering the customs declaration to customs clearance.

The method of sampling is to collect data for 100 percent of customs declarations that are officially registered within six consecutive working days (from Monday to Saturday) at the Customs branches .

In the near future, Quang Ninh Customs Department will continue to improve working teams measuring release time at the department and branches. Regularly and fully make records at the time of starting checking dossier and conducting physical inspection on the E-customs system for all declaration forms registered in a week.

According to the plan of Quang Ninh Customs Department, the measurement of Customs release time will be implemented in the second quarter (from May 11 to 16) and the third quarter (according to the plan of the General Department of Vietnam Customs) at five of six customs branches, including Hon Gai Seaport, Cam Pha Seaport, Hoanh Mo Seaport, Bac Phong Sinh and Mong Cai).

By Quang Hung/ Ngoc Loan