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Proposing to establish the National Steering Committee on Single Window

15:00 | 07/06/2016

VCN- The Ministry of Finance is drafting a report to the Prime Minister suggested renaming the National steering Board of ASEAN Single Window (ASW) and National Single Window (NSW) to “the National Steering Committee of ASW and NSW and trade facilitation”.

proposing to establish the national steering committee on single window

Performing NSW and ASW is an important solution to facilitate export activities. Photo: Thai Binh .

According to the Ministry of Finance, the renaming and establishment of the committee aims are: Implementation, operation, maintenance ASW and NSW according to the commitments of the ASEAN Community; carry out Viet nam’s commitment to facilitate trade activities expressed in the Agreement to facilitate trade of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and other international treaties to facilitate commercial activities; and to facilitate the exchange of goods across borders, enhancing national competitiveness at the request of the Government.

This changing is in line with the direction of the Prime Minister on additional tasks for the National Steering Committee of ASW and NSW. In Notice 137 / TB-VPCP 16-4-2015 of the Government Office, the Prime Minister requested additional duties for the National Steering Committee of ASW and NSW is "comprehensive reform of administrative procedures, contribute to improve the investment environment, enhance national competitivenes in the field of exchange of goods across the border ".

Relating to the proposed establishment of the National Steering Committee of ASW and NSW and trade facilitation, the Ministry of Finance is actively consulting the ministries related to the draft report to the Prime Minister .

On 12-11-2014,  NSW was first piloted with international seaports in Hai Phong port. Now, NSW has operated fully at many ports and has the full participation of  9 ministries.

According to the General Department of customs, by the end of March, apart from cargo clearance procedures (the General Department of Customs, Ministry of Finance), there are 28 administrative procedures of 8 ministries implemented through NSW, with a total of 55. 026 documents to be examined.

Vietnam has connected technology to 4 countries in the region: Indonesia; Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore.  Currently, the Office of the Government is consulting the members of the Government on approval of Protocols on the implementation of the ASW legal framework . When the protocol is approved by the government, Vietnam will officially implemented ASW.