September 25, 2022 20:49

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Ha Tinh Customs ensures smooth customs clearance at the end of the year

16:38 | 13/01/2022

VCN – Ahead of the Lunar New Year, the customs clearance across Ha Tinh Border Gate has taken place smoothly. Ha Tinh Customs Department has assigned officers to increase working time, support and facilitate businesses in customs procedures.

Cau Treo Customs there for businesses in times of need Cau Treo Customs there for businesses in times of need
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Ha Tinh Customs ensures smooth customs clearance at the end of the year
Cau Treo Customs Branch assigns officers to process customs procedures for businesses. Photo: Phan Tram

Imports and exports take place across land and seaport border gates

According to Cau Treo International Border Gate Customs Branch, in recent days, the volume of vehicles has been increasing. Most of them are enterprises importing raw materials for production and business and consumer goods to serve the Lunar New Year market, and exporters of construction materials, agricultural products, and fruits.

The local customs branch has also taken measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 pandemic. At the border gate, the competent forces have maintained the solution of changing drivers and vehicles on both sides of the border gate.

Cau Treo Customs has assigned officers to perform duties 24/7 to ensure Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control as well as strict customs management. Accordingly, the branch has arranged about 60 officers to work in three shifts to perform customs clearance for businesses.

The branch has carried out customs procedures for hundreds of people and vehicles on entry and exit, and import and export per day. Therefore, the branch has performed the two tasks of preventing the disease while maintaining import and export operations.

Resulting from effective disease prevention measures and support policies to remove obstacles, the local branch has attracted businesses to carry out procedures in the area. In addition, the branch has implemented import and export procedures for people to return home for the Lunar New Year, Le Minh Duc Manager of Cau Treo International Border Gate Customs Branch said.

The representative of Hung Cuong Steel Trading Joint Stock Company (in Hai Phong city) said the company’s partner needs iron ore to serve production after the Lunar New Year, so the company has urgently imported this item from Laos to Vietnam to meet the production schedule.

“Although goods at the border gate increase, the customs clearance was performed quickly, even faster than thon ae normal day,” the representative said.

In recent days, the import and export operations at Vung Ang Seaport have also risen. According to preliminary statistics of Ha Tinh Department of Industry and Trade, the total volume of products in the area with demand for using logistics services is over 5,000 containers. The group of garments, textiles and yarn is about 500 containers; wooden products at 4,200 containers and agricultural products (tea, seafood) at 150 containers and packaging group at about 121 containers.

The number of goods transshipped across Ha Tinh province is also quite high. The total demand for transporting imported goods of businesses in the province in 2021 is estimated at 3,576 containers.

In addition, Ha Tinh has received a huge quantity of goods transited across Cau Treo and Cha Lo Border Gates.

Machinery, equipment and materials imported by Formosa averages 2,295 containers/year, garment materials and accessories are expected to be 222 containers.

According to statistics from Vung Ang Seaport Customs Branch, from 2021, Hung Nghiep Formosa Ha Tinh Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has increased the import of coal and ore, which has contributed to the increase in state budget revenue.

The represent of Vung Ang Seaport Border Gate said amid the complicated development of the Covid-19 pandemic, the branch has implemented solutions and focused on three key solutions such as facilitating import and export operations; raising sustainable revenue sources and creating new revenue sources; implementing solutions for anti-revenue loss.

In particular, Vung Ang Customs highly appreciates the effective implementation of the plan on the development of the Customs-Business partnership to comply with the provisions of law related to imports and exports, and means of transport on exit and entry, creating trust of the business community for the support of the Customs.

Cao Duc Thang, Director of Vung Ang SeaPort Customs Branch said, in order to ensure the smooth customs clearance for goods, in the first days of 2022, the branch has arranged officers on duty to provide maximum support for shipments that have opened declarations before the Lunar New Year.

By Nu Bui/Ngoc Loan