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Four procedures of import medicines connected to National Single Window mechanism

14:03 | 25/12/2020

VCN – From January 1, 2021 till the end of June 30, 2021, four procedures relating to importing medicines of the Ministry of Health will implement the pilot program through the National Single Window mechanism (NSW).


Four procedures are connected including: Granting license for importing medicines containing pharmaceutical substance without marketing authorisation in Vietnam.

Granting license of importing medicines containing pharmaceutical substances with marketing authorisation in Vietnam but not meeting the demand on treatment, medicines containing ingredients that have been used as medicines in Vietnam but have not fully met demand on treatment.

Granting license of importing rare medicines.

Granting license of importing medicines serving the State's health program.

During the pilot period, notices of import license are still valid until the expiration of the validity of the license.

From 1 July 2021, all businesses, units and organisations would implement in accordance with the National Single Window mechanism. In necessary cases, the Ministry of Health would still issue notices of the import permit in paper and remain valid for carrying out customs procedures until the expiration of the validity period of license.

To prepare for the implementation of the new procedures of the Ministry of Health, the General Department of Vietnam Customs requested local customs departments to decentralise the use of the function of looking up the handling results of the Ministry of Health for four procedures mentioned above on the E-Customs System for customs officials.

Requesting customs officials at the branches to access the E-Customs system to look up and exploit the processing results of the Ministry of Health for four administrative procedures and does not require enterprises to submit paper notices. Licenses of the above procedures have been issued through the National Single Window during customs procedures.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy