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Enterprises take full advantage of benefits from ATA Carnet

20:31 | 08/11/2017

VCN – When the Istanbul Convention about temporary management cargo is ratified, the ATA Carnet system would facilitate to import and export of goods and global trade, which would be necessary to accelerate the customs clearance process.

enterprises take full advantage of benefits from ata carnet
ATA Carnet will be an international customs "passport" for goods. Source: Internet

This is an indication of the experts in the workshop about granting ATA Carnet under Istanbul Convention that was organized by General Department of Vietnam Customs and Vietnam Chamber of Commercial and Industry (VCCI), International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in the early of November in Hanoi.

Mr Nguyen Anh Tai, Deputy Director of International Cooperation Department (General Department of Vietnam Customs) stated that General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDVC) highly appreciated the efforts of the of the parties in coordinating to implement the Government's report which was about joining the Istanbul Convention on temporary management. Currently, along with trade facilitation activities, effective customs management, Customs sector is actively joining into many conventions, researching international standards, coordinating with other ministries in order to assess the impact of this Convention.

"On 31/10, after being approved by the Permanent Committee of National Assembly on the Government’s proposal about joining the Istanbul Convention of Vietnam, GDVC submitted to the Government for consideration and approval of this Convention. According to the information from the Government Office, the Government will conduct the consultation and may approve the accession in November, " Mr. Tai said.

On the VCCI side, Mr. Hoang Quang Phong, Vice President of VCCI, also expressed his thanks to the GDVC and other related agencies for accompanying enterprises, helping accelerate Vietnam's accession to the Istanbul Convention and facilitating to enterprises have a more useful choice in import-export activities.

Furthermore, Mr. Phong said that, in recent years, the Government has put great efforts in reforming administrative procedures in order to create better conditions and business environment for enterprises. It also expresses the great spirit of Government through the Government's adoption of the Istanbul Convention and issuance of the ATA Carnet.

"There are 74 countries in the world that are currently joining and using this form of trading. ATA Carnet facilitates to temporary import and re-export through simplification and harmonization of procedures in accordance with economic, humanitarian, cultural, social or tourism objectives. The application of the standard model of vouchers will contribute to facilitate the procedures for temporary import and re-export, "the representative of the leader of VCCI said.

However, in order to implement the above contents, Mr. Hoang Quang Phong suggested that competent agencies such as the GDVC and VCCI should coordinate to research management regulations as well as effective implementation methods to guide businesses for maximally exploitation benefits of the mechanism.

Moreover, Ms. Lee Ju Song, Director of ICC expected that Vietnam will approve the accession to the Istanbul Convention as soon as possible, because it not only to facilitate domestic businesses but also to encourage other member countries to accelerate their accession.

"The early ratification will help Vietnam attract more opportunities for enterprises as well as help Vietnam to become an attractive investment destination for foreign companies. The ATA Carnet is considered as a passport for cargo and global trade, helping to accelerate the process of cargo clearance, helping enterprises develop their export markets, "said Lee Ju Song.

On the agenda of the workshop, Ms. Lee Ju Song introduced the overview of the Istanbul Convention and the mechanism of granting ATA Carnet, the guarantee mechanism, the procedures for implementation and the coordination mechanism between the related agencies with Customs officers and VCCI.

By Hương Dịu/Thanh Thuy