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Enterprises satisfied with Tay Ninh Customs service

17:55 | 18/11/2019

VCN - With the aim of helping enterprises improve the business environment and raising competitive capacity, Tay Ninh Customs Department has taken practical measures and considered the business community as a trusted partner for mutual development.  

enterprises satisfied with tay ninh customs service Director General Nguyen Van Can works with Tay Ninh Customs Department
enterprises satisfied with tay ninh customs service Tay Ninh Customs seize cargo containers valued at US$ 36,000
enterprises satisfied with tay ninh customs service Tay Ninh Customs: Many positive signals in budget collection
enterprises satisfied with tay ninh customs service
Tay Ninh Customs officials inspect imported and exported goods. Photo: T.D

Facilitating enterprises

Speaking to Customs News, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Tham, Director of First Team Vietnam Garment Company Limited, highly appreciated support fromTay Ninh Customs Department. Tham said Tay Ninh Customs officials had grasped information and removed problems regardingCustoms procedures for her company in a timely manner as well as answered questions related to ministries and sectors. The company had frequently received documents on law and policies from the email system of the Customs.

The representative of Tam Lap Thanh Trading Service Company Limited said that the company has 60-70 containers daily in transit from Vietnam to Cambodia via Moc Bai border gate. Moc Bai Customs officials and Tay Ninh Customs have always supported and facilitated the company, especially delayedshipments or in emergencies, Customs officials have worked overtime to help the company to release goods.

It is known that Tay Ninh Customs Department has maintained the customs service team at the Department and Branches. In the first ten months of 2019, the team has received and handled 81 cases at the department and branches in a timely fashion; publicized new customs laws on the e-portal. To promote the Customs-Business partnership, Tay Ninh Customs has implemented agreements signed with about 23 companies engaging in imports and exports in the province.

In addition, through the e-mail of the companies, the department and branches have sent new documents and policies on customs, import and export duties to the business community. Also, problems of enterprises have been received and promptly handled by customs via email, calls and direct communication at the headquarters of the Customs agencies.

Tay Ninh Customs has also effectively implemented the information connection and exchange in electronic form on goods under customs supervision and management with port, warehouse and yard operators (Vietnam automated system for seaport customs management – VASSCM) to minimize paper documents and improve efficiency of state management on customs and facilitate the business activities.

By the end of June 2019, Tay Ninh province has granted investment permits for ten solar power production projects with total capacity expected to reach about 808MWp and total investment of more than VND 21,000 billion in 4 districts of Trang Bang, Ben Cau, Tan Chau and Duong Minh Chau. Nine have been completed, some of which have been put into operation. To support the operation of these projects, the leaders of the Tay Ninh Customs Department have directed the professional units and branches to guide and create the most favorable conditions for enterprises to promptly import equipment and machinery to create fixed assets for the ten projects. This is also one of the factors affecting the Department’s revenue in 2019 to increase sharply compared to the same period in 2018.

Budget revenue beats estimate

Through practical activities, Tay Ninh Customs has created a lot of confidence among businesses. Along with that, the imports and exports in Tay Ninh have markedly increased. Total import-export turnover as of October 30, 2019 was over VND 5,943 million, up 2.89 percent over the same period last year. The total number of enterprises registering to open declarations at the Department was 2,104, a year-over-year increase of about 9 percent.

In particular, the Department’s revenue as of October 31, 2019 reached VND 1,403.22 billion, accounting for 215.9 percent of the target assigned by the Ministry of Finance (VND 650 billion), 96.77 percent of the target assigned by the General Department of Customs (VND 1,450 billion), an increase of about 223.48 percent over the same period last year. By December 31, Tay Ninh Customs Department’s revenue is expected to be about VND 1,450 billion, reaching 232.37 percent of the assigned target and reaching 100 percent of the desired target, increasing by 62.35 percent over the same period in 2018.

In order to ensure the fulfillment of the State budget revenue estimates in 2019 assigned by the Ministry of Finance and strive for targets assigned by the General Department of Customs, Tay Ninh Customs Department regularly guides, inspects and urges its units to focus on implementing solutions to implement the plan of state budget collection, exploit revenues for sufficient revenue and enhance the anti-revenue losses, ensuring the requirements set out.

enterprises satisfied with tay ninh customs service Tay Ninh Customs to implement the coordination well to improve the efficiency of anti-smuggling

VCN - The above was outlined by Deputy Minister of Finance Vu Thi Mai at the meeting ...

In addition to facilitating import and export activities, anti-smuggling also achieved remarkable results. The department coordinated with the local competent forces to detect and deal withmany cases of illegal transportation of goods, especially drugs from Cambodia to Vietnam and prevent smuggling and illegal cross-border transportation.

In October 2019, Tay Ninh Customs Department handled 234 violation cases valued at VND 6,784 million, imposed administrative sanctions on232 cases; prosecuted and transferred to the Ben Cau police two illegal cross-border transportation of currencies and cigarettes with a value of VND 967 million. The Department has transferred the police forces of Ben Cau district, Tay Ninh Public Security four case of illegal transportation and hoarding of drugs with a seizure of 20kg of methamphetamine

By Thu Diu/ Huyen Trang