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A man dedicated to customs work

08:26 | 23/11/2019

VCN - On October 29, 2019, Tran Quang Minh, Director of Vinh Customs Branch, Nghe An Customs Department was honored to be one of 20 people praised and rewarded by the Standing Committee of Nghe An Provincial Party Committee for their excellent achievements in work performance.  

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a man dedicated to customs work
Tran Quang Minh (centre) received an award from the Secretary and Chairman of Nghe An Province Photo: provided by Vinh Customs Branch

Up to now, he has 40 years of work experience and 23 years of service in Customs, which is enough for him to accumulate a lot of working experience. For each appointed position, such as control and supervision, Tran Quang Minh is always highly appreciated by the leaders and colleagues of Nghe An Customs Department for his dedication to work, enthusiasm for the professionand proposals and initiatives to improve the work.After the ceremony, he told us, in 1979 he passed graduated fromPolice University (now the People's Police Academy) andwas welcomed to work as a lecturer for the University after hisgraduation. In 1989, he applied to work at Vinh City People's Committee, and in 1996 he passed a civil servant examination and was admitted to the Nghe An Customs Department.

When he was a civil servant of the Drug Enforcement Team, he used to join with many colleagues in handlingmany big drug cases and was highly appreciated by the leaders atall levels for his professional skills. Before working at Vinh Customs Department from July 2017, he was Head of Organization and Personnel Division at the Department. In any position, he always strives, studies and fulfillshis assigned tasks excellently.

Minh said that the budget revenue at Vinh Customs Branch contributed 70 percent of the revenue to Nghe An Customs Department.

However, at present, big projects are about to finish, new projects have been licensed but have not planned to deploy yet or are in the stage of site clearance. A number of imported goods that contributed large revenue such as aluminum coils, electronic components, tend to fall sharply due to the Government's preferential treatment. Therefore, in order to grasp the business and production plans as well as difficulties and obstacles, he and his colleagues surveyed and assessed the situation and then reported to the leaders of the Department to establish delegationsto directly work and exchange with businesses.

As a leader of the Branch, he has directed and guided his unit in the professional work, ensuring strict and legal compliance with the field of management supervision, communication and training on regulations and documents related to the customs operations for enterprises.

Accordingly, the total import-export turnover in following yearswas higher than the previous years. In addition, together with leaders of the branch to build and direct the implementation of some solutions to increase budget revenue; make a plan to collect tax debt and avoid new tax debts. In particular, he and the leaders often urge and direct officials to mobilize to the maximum the sources of revenue; strengthencontrol measures against smuggling, trade fraud and post-clearance audit to support the collection.

With those efforts, in 2017, the unit collected VND1,176 billion (against the assigned target of VND1,070 billion); in 2018, VND1,044 billion (with a target of VND 1,082 billion) and in the first 10 months of 2019, over VND783.4 billion.

Recognizing the achievements and results of the party members, officials of the unit, Vinh Customs Branch Party Committee has been recognized by the superior Party Committee as a strong and typical Party Committeefor many consecutive years.

Vinh Customs Branch was rewarded by the Ministry of Finance, the General Department of Customs, the Provincial People's Committee and the Nghe An Customs Department.

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In particular, in 2018, Vinh Customs Branch was awarded the Second-Class Labor Medal by the Prime Minister. Tran Quang Minh himself has repeatedly won “Grassroots-Level Emulation Fighter" title and was praised by the Party Committee of Nghe An Customs Department for his excellent performance.

By Dao Le/ Huyen Trang