February 05, 2023 20:13

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A bright spot on administrative reform in the Central customs unit

14:24 | 21/01/2023

VCN - The administrative reform of the Da Nang Customs Department not only contributes to the overall results of the Customs but also marks the momentum to promote the dynamic development of Da Nang, a gateway to international trade.

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Officials of the Customs Sub-Department of Hoa Khanh-Lien Chieu Industrial Park (Danang Customs Department) guide enterprises on procedures. Photo: N.Linh
Officials of the Customs Sub-Department of Hoa Khanh-Lien Chieu Industrial Park (Danang Customs Department) guide enterprises on procedures. Photo: N.Linh

Accompanying enterprises

The story of administration reform, connecting and accompanying enterprises in Da Nang Customs is not strange to enterprises in the area. However, according to Ms Nguyen Thi Viet Phuong, Head of Import-Export Division - Phong Phu International Joint Stock Company, Da Nang branch, she is most interested in the connection between the Customs and enterprises.

Ms Phuong shared that, in particular, in the company operating in the field of export production, the amount of imported and exported materials and products took place regularly, and customs clearance had never been interrupted. Even at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, with a series of measures to prevent the spread of the disease, "3 on the spot" must be applied, but the Customs agency still had solutions to ensure the customs clearance of enterprises was smooth.

"No matter where, the company also know the processing progress of customs documents, the responses are quick, and the goods were brought to the company to produce timely". Phuong said.

Impressions of administration reform also come from the feedback on the appearance of a good example of an officer published in the Customs Newspaper, Head of Customs Supervision and Management Division Cao Van Nhan (Article The officer dedicates to connecting customs – businesses- reporter). Immediately, many people who contacted, met and received instructions from Mr Cao Van Nhan had words of encouragement about the dedication and closeness of the customs officers.

Deputy Director of Da Nang Customs Department Dang Thi Le Hoa said that the synchronous implementation of administrative reform of the Customs contributed to economic and social development and best meets the requirements of individuals and organisations, and enterprises in the field of Customs.

At Da Nang Customs, to facilitate enterprises and share and accompany them to overcome the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Department has actively implemented many solutions to ease import and export activities, entry and exit in the area, attracting investment. Administrative procedure reform was implemented in the direction of increasing the application of information technology (IT), organising the review and improvement of the implementation of customs procedures, regularly accompanying, answering and thoroughly removing difficulties and problems related to customs procedures for the business community. As a result, the rate of solving problems and guiding enterprises reached 100%, and there were no problems or proposals of enterprises that had not been resolved; 100% administrative procedures to deploy online public services at levels 3 and 4.

In particular, the unit organised and brought the Customs - Enterprise partnership development and related parties involved in the process of customs reform and modernisation, improving the capacity of customs law enforcement to attract import, export, and immigration activities; organised intensive business consultation and dialogue conferences; guide new investors on the contents related to customs procedures and key types. Since then, Customs has supported enterprises and investors to catch up promptly.

At the same time, Da Nang Customs also actively cooperated with agencies, departments and sectors to synthesise investment projects in the city, organise research, and participate in proposing solutions to the city on supporting policies and business incentives when implementing investment schemes/projects in the city, especially for some key projects, such as a project on establishment of a non-tariff zone in Da Nang; the project of building the International Financial Center in Da Nang; logistics service development project; the project to develop the yacht service industry.

According to the Da Nang Customs Department, administrative reform solutions, facilitating goods clearance activities, and ensuring the state management of customs in Da Nang have contributed to bringing the turnover of export-import goods by this unit increase 18.75% over the same period, reaching US$ 4.2 billion, of which, import turnover reached US$ 1.95 billion; exports reached US$ 2.25 billion.

Reforms associated with digital transformation

The "sweet fruit" for the efforts of Da Nang Customs has been an achievement for many years as one of the Central units, leading the city's PAR index and IT application. In 2022, according to the announcement of the City People's Committee. Da Nang, on the results of ranking PAR and IT application in 2021, both of the above areas of Da Nang Customs were ranked Excellent and second in PAR and first in IT application of the Central Authority sector in the locality.

This result affirmed the determination and efforts to implement many solutions and initiatives in PAR and IT application of the unit and was the best preparation for the Department's "Digital Transformation" Plan to be implemented effectively.

Deploying the task in 2023, the main task of reform and modernisation of the unit is to follow the digital transformation plan of the Customs in general and of Da Nang city for successful digital transformation at the Da Nang Customs Department closely. The important solution is training and developing human resources to meet digital transformation requirements and building a cultural environment suitable to local conditions and circumstances.

Mr Tran Phuoc Hong, Director of Da Nang Port Logistics Joint Stock Company, said that the Customs authority always accompanied the company's development process. However, in the coming time, they expect the Customs to continue promoting digital transformation to reduce unnecessary procedures, time and costs for them; at the same time, they continue to strengthen training on new documents for enterprises to approach and comply with customs laws and policies, contributing to the growth of enterprises' production and business activities.

By Ngoc Linh/ Binh Minh