January 17, 2022 11:38

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2,440 packs of smuggled cigarette were seized by Moc Bai Customs

13:38 | 01/08/2017

VCN – On 31/7, Moc Bai Customs Branch (Tay Ninh Customs Department) said that they have nearly finished dossier for settlement case of smuggled 2,440 packs of cigarette from Cambodia to Vietnam.

moc bai customs seize 2440 packs of smuggled cigarette
Subjects and smuggled cigarette were seized by Moc Bai Customs Branch

At 4:50 PM, on 27/7/2017, in the entry line of Moc Bai International Border Control Station, Moc Bai Customs Branch, Customs Enforcement Unit coordinated with Moc Bai Border Station inspect and detect 2 people that were transporting illegally a lot of cigarettes from Cambodia to Vietnam. Those people were Vu Anh Tuan as a driver (was born in 1957) and Nguyen Thi Dung (was born in 1978). Both of them live in Dong Nai province.

In order to evade the control of competent forces, those smugglers hid the above cigarette inside cabin (under the car seat, under foothold, inside plastic cabinets behind the driver, underfloor of tractor) of a tractor trailer with license plate: 57L-1763. It was transporting transit goods of Tam Lap Thanh Trading Services Transportation Tourism Co. Ltd from Cambodia to Vietnam.

Through physical inspection, competent force detected violated goods including 1,840 packs of a cigarette of Jet, 150 packs of CARAVEN “A” cigarette, 400 packs of HERO cigarette and 50 packs of 555 cigarettes. Total value was 35 million vnd.

According to initial statement, 2 subjects said that all the above-violated shipment was bought from Cambodia then transported to Vietnam for earning a profit.

Currently, Moc Bai Customs Branch has made administrative violation record in Customs field and held in custody all the exhibit, automobile registration Certificate, Certificate of Inspection and continues to handle in accordance with Law.

By Thu Dịu/Thanh Thuy