July 06, 2022 08:43

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Quang Ninh Customs makes great efforts to restore import and export on land route

12:01 | 21/05/2022

VCN – Quang Ninh Customs Department has effectively and quickly cleared goods amid the complicated development of Covid-19 to restore imports and exports on land routes.

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Quang Ninh Customs makes great efforts to restore import and export on land route
Import and export activities across Bac Luan II Bridge, Mong Cai in May.

Seeking solutions to restore customs clearance

From the end of 2021, China has applied the Zero Covid policy, so it has suspended customs clearance 21 times due to suspicions that goods are infected with Covid-19 and to prevent infection in the community.

On February 24, China detected Covid-19 infections in the community, so the country has suspended customs clearance at all border gates and border crossings in Quang Ninh province.

From April, Quang Ninh Customs Department sent an official letter to Nam Ninh Customs (Chinese Customs) to announce solutions performed by Vietnam’s competent agencies to set up safe areas at border gates and border crossings to facilitate customs clearance.

The local customs department has also proposed Nam Ninh Customs Department resolve or propose competent agencies to resolve problems and resume customs clearance in these areas at the earliest time.

On the other hand, the department has selected 21 eligible customs brokers and 145 enterprises to carry out customs procedures at border gates and border crossings to minimize people entering/exiting these areas.

Local customs branches have actively grasped and exchanged information on customs clearance procedures for import and export goods, means of transport on entry or exit and policies related to customs clearance with local Chinese Customs units to ensure quick clearance.

The branches have coordinated with local government and competent forces at the border gates in organizing online and offline meetings; telegraphed to discuss with Chinese local governments; supervised and controlled people and vehicles entering/exiting the border gate area, and improved customs clearance capacity.

Highly appreciated by business community

On April 16, Vietnam and China officially restored customs clearance of goods at Bac Luan Bridge Border Gate II (Mong Cai) and Hoanh Mo Border Gate (Binh Lieu). In order to ensure smooth import-export activities, Customs Branches have coordinated with relevant departments, government agencies and local authorities to build and establish the “safe green zone” at the border gate.

On May 10, Mong Cai Border Gate Customs Branch processed customs clearance for about 300 vehicles transporting auto parts, electronic components, and groceries imported across Bac Luan II Bridge, including 353 vehicles on entry and 565 vehicles on exit.

As a groceries importer, before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Hoa Loc Phat Import-Export Trading Co., Ltd (located in Uong Bi City, Quang Ninh) imported 2-3 containers of goods/day. Since the operation of Bac Luan Bridge II was resumed, the company has completed procedures for five containers of imported goods.

Deputy Director of Hoa Loc Phat Import-Export Trading Co., Ltd Nguyen Khac Hung said that amid the pandemic, Customs has established information-sharing channels through social networks (Zalo, Fanpage and email) to regularly update new regulations and policies related to import-export activities for enterprises, thereby limiting errors in the customs declaration process.

In addition, the supportive teams of the local customs branch have solved problems related to declaration procedures for new items of the company.

“The company has also highly appreciated the great efforts of Mong Cai Customs Branch in coordinating with competent forces at the border gate and advising the city’s government to promote import-export activities," Hung said.

Hung Thinh Phat Import-Export Company Limited (headquartered in Binh Lieu district, Quang Ninh) is a company that regularly conducts import-export activities across Hoanh Mo Border Gate. The company has carried out about 2-3 customs declaration forms per day and 5-7 forms on peak days.

Mr. Nguyen Van Ha, an import-export staff of Hung Thinh Phat Import-Export Company, said that in order to create favorable conditions for goods import and export activities, Hoanh Mo Border Gate Customs Branch has worked with local government agencies to effectively establish the “safe green zone” and control the disease at the border gate; piloted the centralized management for drivers, workers loading and unloading goods and working teams of customs brokers at the border gate.

Quang Ninh Customs will focus on effectively following the Government's Resolution and the direction of ministries, government agencies and localities on the Covid-19 prevention and control program, contributing to ensuring smooth public service performance and creating favorable conditions for import and export activities and officers.

The local department has advised solutions to remove difficulties for import-export enterprises, improving customs clearance capacity for goods across land border gates; promoted administrative reform, reviewed and proposed to reduce inappropriate procedures to streamline, facilitate and attract enterprises implementing import and export procedures in the area, increasing state budget revenue.

As of May 15, 692 enterprises carried out customs procedures for 22,361 customs declaration forms across Quang Ninh province with total trade of US$5.106 billion, increasing by 35% in turnover and reducing by 20% in the number of declaration forms.

Of which, the export turnover rose by 18% to US$1.906 billion. The import turnover increased 48% year-on-year.

By Quang Hung/Ngoc Loan