June 27, 2022 00:43

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Lang Son: cargo clearance activities resumed at many border gates

20:13 | 26/04/2022

VCN – After several months of suspending cargo clearance due to pandemic control by the Chinese authorities, three border gates at Lang Son province have resumed cargo clearance activities. These are Huu Nghi International Border Gate, Chi Ma border gate and Tan Thanh border gate.

According to Dong Dang – Lang Son Economic Zone Authority, in recent days, cargo clearance activities at Huu Nghi International Border Gate have been connected by the Chinese authority. Thereby, the flow of cargo clearance has increased significantly. The volume of trucks transporting agricultural products for export has risen, with 100 trucks every day, while there are nearly 200 trucks that have completed clearance procedures quickly in terms of imports.

Particularly at Chi Ma border gate, on April 20, the Chinese authority also resumed cargo clearance. According to the announcement of Ning Ming (China), since April 21, both sides carried out freight forwarding at Chi Ma – Ai Dian border gate like the model at Huu Nghi – Youyi Guan border gate pair.

Cargo clearance activities at Chi Ma border gate have been stable. Photo: H.Nụ
Cargo clearance activities at Chi Ma border gate have been stable. Photo: H.Nụ

Accordingly, imports and exports at Chi Ma border gate must follow the method of using a container stacking crane at Tuan Minh and Thang Long yards at Chi Ma border gate.

After receiving the information, Dong Dang – Lang Son Economic Zone Authority is coordinating with competent authorities and related units to consider and implement the freight forwarding method at the request of Ning Ming province.

Meanwhile, cargo clearance activities at Tan Thanh border gate have operated stably, importing and exporting hundreds of trucks of all kinds on average every day. Agricultural products and many goods are no longer suffering congestion.

Statistics showed that, in the first 15 days of April, the output of agricultural products exported through Tan Thanh border gate reached nearly 15,000 tons, up 138% over the same period in March 2022.

According to Mr. Be Thai Hung, Deputy Manager of Tan Thanh Customs Branch, because China tightened its control of the Covid-19 pandemic, in the first three months of 2022, Vietnam's output of agricultural products exported through Tan Thanh border gate decreased by more than 77% over the same period last year. To promote the export of agricultural products through the border gate, following the direction of the province, the Branch has simplified and reduced the time to carry out a physical inspection of agricultural products.

To facilitate import and export activities, especially for agricultural products, Mr. Nguyen Huu Vuong, Deputy Director of Lang Son Customs Department said, currently, all types of goods that were exported and imported through provincial border gates were facilitated by the Customs authority.

In particular, "prioritizing" agricultural products to be cleared as quickly as possible.

Specifically, besides supporting businesses in carrying out procedures and minimizing physical inspections for agricultural products, currently, three customs branches at three road border gates are still implementing the “3 – 1” solution, that is, prioritizing export procedures and cargo clearance for three trucks transporting agricultural products, and then processing clearance procedures for one truck carrying other goods.

In addition, the unit directs border-gate customs branches to create favorable conditions for businesses to carry out customs procedures in the management area. Accordingly, the customs branch would proactively arrange and assign customs officers to work 24/7.

However, Mr. Nguyen Huu Vuong said that although the volume of agricultural products exported to China is increasing, currently, one of the problems for this product when exporting to the Chinese market is that China still carries out 100% inspection for shipments.

Therefore, to support and facilitate the export of agricultural products, Lang Son Customs proactively coordinated with the Plant Quarantine Sub-Department of Region VII to organize talks and exchange information with the Customs and pandemic control agencies of China to reach an agreement on reducing the quarantine for agricultural products, especially fresh fruit of Vietnam.

Simultaneously, the Customs force at three road border gates of the province has been promoting coordination activities with other competent forces at the border gate (Border Defence force, plant quarantine) to reduce control time, completing related procedures, thereby shortening clearance time of agricultural products; working with the plant quarantine agency to inform enterprises about exporting agricultural products of Vietnam to proactively take measures in order to ensure quarantine work as well as prepare all kinds of documents related to quarantine, then working with Chinese Customs to organize cargo clearance as quickly as possible; coordinate with the provincial Industry and Trade sector to update the import and export situation, especially the export of agricultural products, fresh fruits and inform the provincial/municipal Industry and Trade Departments and businesses, thereby developing an appropriate export plan.

With the support of Lang Son Customs, the output of Vietnamese agricultural products exported through the provincial border gates has increased sharply. Specifically, in the first four months of 2022, the total output of Vietnam's agricultural products exported through border gates in Lang Son province reached nearly 300,000 tons. In particular, most of this output is exported since March 2022. This not only helps businesses and traders export agricultural products but also helps farmers to find outputs for agricultural products.

By Nụ Bùi/Thanh Thuy