July 02, 2022 12:16

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Khanh Hoa Customs Department: Strengthening inspection and supervision at Cam RanhInternational Airport

21:09 | 04/10/2016

VCN-Compared to last year, the number of flights to the Cam Ranh International Airport has increased 3 times.Currently, there have been from 30 to 40 flights entry and exit for each day, at peak time increasing to nearly 50 flights, so the requirements of Customs supervision with goods and luggage of passengers has increased.

khanh hoa customs department strengthening inspection and supervision at cam ranh international airport
Customs officers of Cam Ranh international aiport Customs Branch scan entry-exit luggage

With a huge amount of entry and exit passengers, Khanh Hoa Customs Department has implemented many unified solutions such as adding more Customs officers on duty at peak hours to monitor procedures at the Airport to ensure close links among procedure processes, enhancing co-operation with the relevant forces at the Airport, organizing collecting and handling entry-exit passenger’s information before carrying out procedures for measures to monitor, inspect, supervise properly and effectively.

Khanh Hoa Customs Department has also strengthened the inspection, and administrative discipline in performing official duties to prevent and combat any negative signs.

By Thanh Huyen/ Ngoc Loan