June 27, 2022 19:46

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Improve effectiveness of applying scientific research in customs field into practice

09:49 | 19/10/2021

VCN - That was the direction of Deputy Director General of Vietnam Customs Luu Manh Tuong at the online conference to summarize the activities of the Scientific Council of Vietnam Customs for the 7th term (2018-2021) and the direction of the Scientific Council's activities in the 8th term (2021-2023) that took place on October 15.

Mr. Vu Van Khanh, Director of the Customs Research Institute, said that the scientific council of the General Department of Vietnam Customs in the 7th term had made many contributions in consulting and developing the orientation for scientific research of the sector.

In particular, the council annually advises the General Department to develop orientations focused on the fields of promoting scientific and technical progress and urgent issues raised from the practice of professional activities in the customs field as well as state management issues on customs.

At the same time, assess the impact of joining relevant international treaties, regional links related to the customs field; implementation of trade facilitation commitments; focusing on perfecting the institution to meet the requirements of customs modernization, accelerating the reform, development and modernization of customs, implementing international commitments, improving the state management capacity on customs, organizational apparatus and human resources.

Deputy Director General of Vietnam Customs Luu Manh Tuong made a speech at the conference. Photo: H.Nụ
Deputy Director General of Vietnam Customs Luu Manh Tuong made a speech at the conference. Photo: H.Nụ

The orientation contents of the research topics were always changing to follow the orientation of the Finance industry and the practical work requirements of Vietnam Customs in order to solve the difficulties and existing problems in the course of implementation.

Through scientific research topics, it contributed to solving topical issues of the country, built a modern and professional Vietnam Customs, operated effectively on the basis of a synchronous legal system, vigorously apply technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, facilitate legal commercial activities, ensures social security and safety, and protect the interests of the nation.

Notably, many topics after acceptance have become useful references to help Customs officers have a more general and dialectical view on state management issues of the sector.

Some recommendations of the topics to remove obstacles in the customs operations, as well as to implement international commitments on customs in the process of integration have been incorporated into the Law on amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Customs Law and other legal documents, as well as applying them to the professional customs operation and to the management in order to overcome overlaps in documents, improve the feasibility and efficiency of the state management of customs, Vu Van Khanh said.

At the conference, representatives of units under the General Department of Vietnam Customs also discussed and proposed many solutions to innovate scientific research of the sector in the future to achieve higher efficiency.

Speaking at the conference, Deputy Director General Luu Manh Tuong highly appreciated the effectiveness of scientific research topics in recent years, contributing a significant part to the modernization development of the sector. However, there were many limitations that need to be overcome in order to be more effective.

According to Deputy Director General Luu Manh Tuong, on June 18, 2021, the General Department of Vietnam Customs issued Official Letter No. 2995/TCHQ-NCHQ on strengthening scientific research in the Customs sector in the 2021-2030 period.

In particular, it clearly defined that the Scientific Council of the General Department of Vietnam Customs needed to improve the capacity of advice on scientific research for the leaders of the General Department of Vietnam Customs and the leaders of the Ministry of Finance; developing a scientific research orientation that closely followed the key tasks of the Customs sector, appropriate with the recommendations on building modern customs of the World Customs Organization (WCO) and the development trend of customs authorities of advanced countries in the world; promoting the application of information technology, building a digital customs model, and smart customs.

Following this orientation, Deputy Director General Luu Manh Tuong requested the units in the whole sector to strengthen the roles and responsibilities of each member of the scientific council in advising on research orientation and building responsibilities in research, especially the role of the Permanent Committee of the Scientific Council in scientific research.

Deputy Director General Luu Manh Tuong said that in the future, local customs units also needed to strengthen and actively participate in researching topics related to the actual situation arising at the border gate in order to provide solutions, suggestions and recommendations to remove difficulties. The units needed to show seriousness in registration and research topics to ensure that the topics after acceptance would achieve high quality.

At the same time, it was necessary to explore and try to improve the effectiveness of the application of the research topic in practical professional activities.

By Nụ Bùi/Thanh Thuy