December 07, 2021 07:00

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Hai Phong Customs signs more than 20,000 MoU with enterprises

11:05 | 08/07/2021

VCN – This is one of the outstanding achievements in the development of the Customs – Business Partnership at Hai Phong Customs Department.

Professional activities at Hai Phong Customs.
Professional activities at Hai Phong Customs.

In order to develop the Customs-Enterprise partnership, from the beginning of the year, Hai Phong Customs Department issued a plan to implement for the whole of 2021. At the same time adjusted and revised some contents of the Agreement to match with reality.

According to Hai Phong Customs Department, as of June 25, 2021, there were 20,671 agreements have been signed with enterprises and business associations.

In the Agreement signed with the business community, Hai Phong Customs committed to many important contents such as: maintaining and developing the website of Hai Phong Customs Department, publishing documents and policies for businesses; when answering a question from a business and evaluating it as a common issue, the Department should post that issue on the website for the business community to know and use as reference.

Establishing a problem-solving group to advise and answer policy regimes at the two levels of the Branch and the Department; receive information, promptly check and handle all acts of harassment, negative and public information to enterprises.

Organising training for staff and employees who implement customs procedures of enterprises when there is a requirement; coordinate with the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry's branch in Hai Phong to train and disseminate the law for the business community.

Support enterprises to propose timely handling of problems related to unreasonable mechanisms and policies to competent authorities; accompanying enterprises to actively participate in the process of building a customs legal system on the principle of facilitating import and export activities of enterprises.

Notably, for customs brokers, Hai Phong Customs Department is committed to creating favorable conditions for the customs brokers’ activities. Specifically, customs branches wil set up a separate area to carry out procedures for customs brokers, ensuring fast and effective measures in order to promote and further expand the activities of customs brokers.

In addition, Hai Phong Customs also absorbed the comments and suggestions of business community for the People's Committee of Hai Phong City in order to promptly report and propose to the People's Committee for settlement in accordance with its competence.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy