January 17, 2022 10:14

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Dong Thap Customs takes first place in DDCI

20:39 | 26/03/2021

VCN- Dong Thap Customs Department took first place in the Department and District Competitiveness Index (DDCI), which focuses on reforming procedures, applying information technology and facilitating trade.

Dong Thap Customs discovers several cases of storage and transporting smuggled goods Dong Thap Customs discovers several cases of storage and transporting smuggled goods
Dong Thap Customs seizes three motorboats transporting smuggled pigs Dong Thap Customs seizes three motorboats transporting smuggled pigs
Dong Thap Customs seizes cigarettes on the river Dong Thap Customs seizes cigarettes on the river
Dong Thap Customs officers inspect imported goods. Photo: T.H

Highly appreciated by businesses

Trade facilitation is identified as a key task, so in the plans and solutions for implementing tasks, Dong Thap Customs Department always takes enterprises and people as important factors to reform and simplify administrative procedures, the leader of Dong Thap Customs Department said. In recent years, Dong Thap Customs department has focused on reforming administrative procedures and facilitating the trade of border residents and import-export activities in the province, aiming to improvethe enterprise satisfaction index. Publicity of customs administrative procedures is regularly implemented by the department and its customs branches; the receipt and settlement of customs administrative procedures are performed in a timely fashion and connected to the e-Customs data processing system, National Single Window andonline pubic services, limiting direct contact between the Customs officer and enterprises.

Administrative procedure reform and trade facilitation by Dong Thap Customs Department have been highly appreciated by importers and exporters.

“Our company has carried out procedures for 150-200 seafood containers per month on average and we are very satisfied with the performance by Customs. In addition to the IT application in implementing customs procedures in a quick manner, we are supported by Dong Thap Customs Department, the department has instructed us on new documents and policies and problems arising in the implementation,” Phan Van Tam Deputy Director of CADOVIMEX II Seafood Import-Export and Processing Joint Stock Company said.

At a conference with the business community held by Dong Thap Customs Department in the beginning of 2021, enterprises appreciated the customs administrative procedure reform, trade facilitation and support from Dong Thap Customs department. In a survey on the assessment of service quality of Dong Thap Customs Department, nearly 95% of enterprises werevery satisfied orsatisfied with the department’s service quality, and more than 4% of enterprises assessed at a normal rate.

As a company specialising in processing and exporting pangasius, over the past time, the company has been seriously affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Facing the difficulties, Dong Thap Customs Department has facilitated the company’s export shipments. In addition, problems related to procedures anddeclaration liquidity have been handledin a timely fashion by the Customs office, Ong Han Van, Deputy General Director of Truong Giang Fishery Joint Stock Company said.

Top in DDCI

Dong Thap Customs Department leads in the Department and District Competitiveness Index (DDCI) in 2019, according to the assessment result of theDDCI 2019 issued by the People's Committee of Dong Thap.

The achievement shows great efforts in procedure reform, IT application and trade facilitation by Dong Thap Customs Department through the years. The improvement of DDCI is identified as the department’s key task andthe department has provided effective solutions to raise the awareness and responsibility of customs officials in performing tasks, especially in dissemination and support, aiming to remove difficulties and problems, facilitate organisations, enterprises and individuals in import, export, exit and entry. The department has issued and implemented action plans toimplement the Government resolution on continued implementation of major tasks and solutions for improving the business environment and sharpening national competitiveness; the detailed plan for key reform and modernisation activities of Dong Thap Customs Department; plan for development of Customs-business partnerships and stakeholders; plan for dissemination and provision of information for the customs declarant and tax payer; administrative reform plan; and administrative procedure control plan.

Dong Thap Customs Department has held meetings and dialogues to promptly instruct procedures, remove problems and receive enterprises’ comments. Keadersof the department and branches regularly share information, grasp activities of import-export enterprises in the area to support, maintain and strengthen relationships, as well asremove arising difficulties.

In addition, to minimise procedures and shorten customs clearance time for enterprises, Dong Thap Customs Department focuses on the IT application in management and operation. Customs declarations for imported and exported goods arereceived 24/7 via the VNACCS. The department issued inspection and control regulations for performance of customs procedures for import and export goods. Inspection and control is strictly conducted and weekly reported. Thereby, the department has promptly handled, rectified, and criticised customs officials who performed incorrectly, inadequately, and extended the customs clearance time. The goods are not in accordance with the regulations. As a result, the customs clearance of import and export goods is performed in a quick and effective manner and is highly appreciated by firms.

By Le Thu/Ngoc Loan