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Dong Nai Customs: 1,200 businesses operating "three on-spot"

09:12 | 20/08/2021

VCN - About 1,200 firms in the management area of Dong Nai Customs Department has implemented "three on-spot" activities, however, they can only produce at 20% to 30% of their capacity.

Deputy Director of Dong Nai Customs Department Nguyen Duong Hoai
Deputy Director of Dong Nai Customs Department Nguyen Duong Hoai

At the virtual seminar with the topic: "Customs accompanies businesses amid the Covid-19 pandemic" held by Customs News on August 18, Deputy Director of Dong Nai Customs Department Nguyen Duong Hoai said that, the unit carried out procedures for about 4,300 businesses, of which about 4,000 firms were in Dong Nai and about 300 were in Binh Thuan.

In the management area, about 1,200 enterprises had operated under the model of "three on-spot".

According to Nguyen Duong Hoai, when the pandemic occurred complexly, on June 22, Dong Nai Customs Department established a steering committee to remove difficulties and process quick cargo clearance for businesses.

At the same time, branches arranged the plan of "three on-spot" and arranged half of the officials and employees to work at the headquarters, in the case of arising Covid-19 patient (F0), they would arrange human resources for replacement.

Dong Nai Customs consulted, answered problems and supported businesses via online channels thanks to the application of information technology.

With this initiative, Dong Nai Customs Department ensured clearance 24/7 for businesses.

Regarding difficulties for the business community, according to the Deputy Director of Dong Nai Customs Department, due to the complicated pandemic, although the businesses applied the "three on-spot" model, they still only produced about 20% to 30% of their capacity. Therefore, the risk of losing orders due to production chain disruption or bankruptcy after the pandemic was a big challenge.

To help enterprises soon stabilise production and overcome difficulties, besides the efforts of the Customs authority, it needed the synchronous participation of authorities. In particular, Dong Nai Customs proposed to prioritise the arrangement of vaccines for workers, experts of enterprises and people in the area.

Regarding the solution to keep accompanying businesses in the future, Hoai said the support teams of the department and branches had operated 24/7 to be ready to receive all problems and difficulties for advice and response in time for firms.

Secondly, due to difficulties in transportation activities when implementing regulations on social distancing, it was recommended the HCM City Customs Department and the Ba Ria-Vung Tau Customs Department closely work with the Dong Nai Customs Department to solve the problem quickly for containers of imported goods transporting to Dong Nai.

Thirdly, it was recommended HCM City considered the issue of charging port infrastructure fees to remove difficulties for firms.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy