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Da Nang Customs launches many technology solutions for management efficiency

18:11 | 19/06/2022

VCN - Many IT solutions and applications have been put into practice by Da Nang Customs Department, bringing high efficiency in the field of customs operations and internal management activities.

Professional activities of Da Nang International Airport Customs officers. Photo: HQDN
Professional activities of Da Nang International Airport Customs officers. Photo: HQDN

According to Da Nang Customs Department, in the past five years, many initiatives to apply IT in administrative reform have been brought into play. Accordingly, in order to encourage and promote initiatives, leaders of the unit regularly orient, launch, organize and facilitate customs officers in actively performing tasks, participating in many innovative solutions to apply to the fields related to the unit's operation.

In particular, many studies to develop many solutions and apply IT have been put into practice, bringing high efficiency to customs operations and internal management activities.

An initiative to build software "Management of car import licenses in the form of gifts". The software allows statistics, lookups and information management of import license of cars as gifts based on business code. This application is built and run centrally via web browser, data, and application infrastructure is located at the headquarters of Da Nang Customs Department.

The solution part won the consolation prize of the contest: "Civil servants, officials and employees of Da Nang city with administrative reform in 2016" held by Da Nang City Labor Union. The software has been optimized to improve work efficiency, save time, and quickly and conveniently look up and report statistics; at the same time providing warning information and analysis. It helps to strengthen the management of car import licenses, granting licenses to the right subjects, complying with the law, and limiting violations in the import of cars and motorcycles for non-commercial purposes.

In addition, Da Nang Customs Department also built "Software to manage equipment, receive and handle incidents". The system meets the reporting requirements for review, serving the management and planning for the annual IT equipment of the units, capturing the status of each device, such as history, age, breakdown, repair, handover and liquidation.

The software also helps support the problem reporting of the units and the management of the IT department's troubleshooting for each device when problems arise on the devices of the customs officers that are working in the unit.

Another technology solution developed by the research and development unit is to build and deploy the software "Solutions and initiatives management ". Computerizing the process of registration, management, approval, evaluation and recognition of initiatives. It is possible to simplify, save time and improve the efficiency of evaluation and recognition of innovative solutions.

The solution initiative management system has brought practical efficiency in supporting customs officers to track the registration of emulation titles and initiative topics each year. In addition, the unit's leaders have also easily grasped and managed the title registration and annual initiative solutions of the unit, the Initiative Council is more proactive in the evaluation process and has full information to give the best evaluation results for each topic.

Moreover, the initiation of IT application in administrative reform of Da Nang Customs Department is developing an information technology solution on "Reporting and administration for leaders of the department and units".

The system was built to provide output tables based on the requirements of the unit's leaders in order to solve and manage internal affairs. In particular, this system provides general functions and supports management, assigns, and directs internal work at Da Nang Customs Department to serve for the management of briefings, supervision and timely instructions based on the aggregated information.

Besides the above typical initiatives, according to the Da Nang Customs Department, every year the unit encourages customs officers to build many innovative solutions with high efficiency such as: "Strengthening security and safety management of information technology system at Da Nang Customs Department”; advising solutions “Enhance IT application to implement Resolution No. 19/2018/NQ-CP of the Government in 2018"; building "Online document reading and editing software".

By Ngọc Linh/Thanh Thuy