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Sharp increase of imported automobiles at Cao Bang Customs

09:21 | 26/05/2022

VCN – In April, the number of imported automobiles carrying out procedures at Cao Bang Customs skyrocketed by four digits

Sketched by Thái Bình
Sketched by Thái Bình

Accordingly, in April, the number of CBU cars imported at Cao Bang Customs reached 3,143 units with a total turnover of US$134.86 million, an increase of 2,498% compared to March 2022.

Notably, April accounted for 96.4% of total automobile imports in the first four months of the year (4,260 vehicles in the first four months of the year), while the turnover accounted for 96.3%.

In April, the group of automobiles alone accounted for 93.53% of the total import turnover of goods carrying out procedures at Cao Bang Customs Department.

The high increase of imported cars with high tax rates and high value leads to a sharp increase in revenue collection of Cao Bang Customs in April.

Specifically, in April, the revenue collection of Cao Bang Customs reached VND722.26 billion, an increase of 2,224% compared to March.

By the end of April, the revenue collection at Cao Bang Customs reached VND893.85 billion.

Automobile import activity increased sharply at Cao Bang Customs at the end of 2021 (implementing procedures at Ta Lung Customs Branch), then it decreased and spiked again in the past four months. However, this is a non-traditional and regular imported item at Cao Bang Customs.

On the northern border, usually, CBU cars which are trucks or specialized vehicles, are imported mainly through the border gate in Lang Son province.

According to regulations, passenger cars under 16 seats are only imported through six seaport border gates, including Quang Ninh (Cai Lan port); Hai Phong; Thanh Hoa (Nghi Son port); Danang; HCM City; and Ba Ria-Vung Tau.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy