June 30, 2022 13:54

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Review large cases of smuggling handled by customs in the first quarter

10:31 | 09/04/2022

VCN – In the first quarter, the customs sector handled 3,841 cases of violation, with the value of infringing goods estimated at more than VND1,288 billion; revenue collection reached more than VND88 billion. Notably, the customs authority prosecuted 20 cases, transferring to other agencies for prosecuting 21 cases.

Synthetic drug seized by Thanh Hoa Customs
Synthetic drug seized by Thanh Hoa Customs

Many cases of violations of rapid test kits

In the first quarter, the Customs force continued to handle many cases of smuggled test kits and medicines for Covid-19 treatment. In which, many large-scale cases were carried out by the Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department and Quang Tri Customs Department.

Typically, on March 1, in Tan Long commune, Huong Hoa district (Quang Tri), Quang Tri Customs Department detected one person who had committed acts of transporting imported goods without legal documents.

Violations were 6,160 kits of Covid-19 test; 500 bottles of energy drinks and 2,000kg of white sugar made in Thailand.

On March 2, the Customs Enforcement Unit (Quang Tri Customs Department) checked and detected one person who illegally transported more than 7,300 Covid-19 test kits of all kinds.

On March 6, Lao Bao Customs Branch (Quang Tri Customs Department) continued to detect one person who illegally transported 1,000 Covid-19 test kits.

Also in Quang Tri, on March 10, La Lay Customs Branch (Quang Tri Customs Department) chaired and coordinated with La Lay Border Station to seize 3,875 Covid-19 test kits.

For Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department, on February 17, Unit 1 (Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department) chaired and coordinated with Noi Bai International Airport Customs Branch (Hanoi Customs Department) to detect a smuggled shipment of 85,555 Covid-19 test kits.

In two days (March 17 and 18), Unit 1 continued to chair and coordinate with Noi Bai International Airport Customs Branch, the Customs Enforcement Team (Hanoi Customs Department) to seize more than 65,000 Covid-19 test kits.

Many violations related to drugs and prohibited goods

Besides items related to medical supplies and equipment for pandemic prevention and control, the Customs sector continued to handle many violations related to drugs, banned goods, and petroleum.

On January 14, Bo Y international border gate Customs Branch (Gia Lai-Kon Tum Customs Department) coordinated with competent forces to handle 22 live and frozen imported animals that were suspected of being wild animals.

Also on the same day (January 14), in the waters of Quynh Luu district, Nghe An province, Nghe An Border Guard and Nghe An Customs Department detected one person who had acts of buying, selling and transporting goods without a valid invoice. Infringing goods are about 40,000 liters of F0 oil and about 30,000 liters of F0 residue.

On January 23, the Moc Bai Customs Branch (Tay Ninh Customs Department) worked with Moc Bai International Border Gate Border Station to inspect and detect one person due to illegal transportation of currency (Vietnamese Dong) across the border with a total amount of VND220 million in cash.

On February 18, Hanoi Customs Department coordinated with C03 (Ministry of Public Security) and Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department to discover two personal shipments that goods owners did not come to receive. It showed signs of importing goods in the list of goods prohibited from import and import of consumer goods with conditions such as used desktop computers, laptops, cosmetics, supplementary foods; used cell phones of all kinds.

On February 21, in Ho Chi Minh City, the Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department worked with HCM City Customs Department and the HCM City Police Department to detect foreigners living in Vietnam, buying synthetic drugs from a suspect in the Netherlands and then transporting drugs back to Vietnam via express delivery. They seized 1.6kg of MDMA.

On February 24, Hai Phong Customs Department coordinated with Hai Phong Police to conduct a physical inspection of the imported shipment which showed suspected signs of customs law violations. The infringing goods included alcohol of all kinds, watches, bicycles, speakers, wall paintings, decorative statues and candlesticks.

On February 28, on Nha Be River (HCM City), Fleet 3 (Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department) chaired and coordinated with C03 (Ministry of Public Security) to detect the act of transporting goods without invoices and documents proving the legitimacy of a shipment of about 431,000 liters of F0 oil which intentionally broke the seal of goods subject to customs supervision.

On March 9, the Drug-related crime Investigation Police Division (Quang Tri Provincial Police) chaired and coordinated with the Anti-Drug Enforcement Team (Quang Tri Customs Department), Lao Bao Town Police; The Special Task Force on Drugs and Crime Prevention (Quang Tri Province Border Guard) to arrest one person for illegally transporting 24,000 tablets of synthetic drugs.

On March 23, 2022, PC04 (Thanh Hoa Provincial Police) worked with Anti-Drug Enforcement Team (Thanh Hoa Customs Department); The 1st Drug Crime Prevention Task Force (Coastal Guard Command) to discover a person who illegally transported 12,000 tablets of synthetic drugs.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy