July 06, 2022 08:54

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Hanoi Customs builds Customs-Business partnership alongside digital transformation

20:36 | 20/05/2022

VCN – The implementation of reform and modernization programs of the Customs sector is always attached to the interests of enterprises.

Hanoi Customs carries out solutions on raising revenue and loss prevention Hanoi Customs carries out solutions on raising revenue and loss prevention
Hanoi Customs ensures quick customs clearance of goods during Lunar New Year Hanoi Customs ensures quick customs clearance of goods during Lunar New Year
Hanoi Customs builds Customs-Business partnership alongside digital transformation
Officers of North Thang Long Industrial Park inspect import and export goods. Photo: N.Linh

Hanoi Customs Department continues to organize Customs-Business partnership activities, alongside digital transformation in customs management.

Promoting direct support solutions

Hanoi Customs has actively implemented solutions to facilitate and remove difficulties and obstacles for businesses to restore, maintain and promote production and business amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The city’s customs department has coordinated with departments and government agencies of Hanoi, Vinh Phuc, Phu Tho, Yen Bai and Hoa Binh to provide solutions to support and facilitate businesses in customs clearance.

According to Manager of North Thang Long Industrial Park Nguyen Doan Bon, the city’s customs branches have also taken measures to support businesses and considered them cooperative partners.

For example, the North Thang Long Industrial Park has focused on solutions to facilitate customs clearance and assignment of experienced officers to quickly process customs procedures and shorten customs clearance time.

The branch has publicized the hotline phone number and set up an email address to coordinate between the branch and businesses; disseminated legal documents related to customs policies and procedures for businesses to understand and raise awareness in compliance with the law.

The branch has set up working teams to support enterprises in import and export process amid the Covid-19 pandemic; directly worked with enterprises that have large revenue and carried out procedures at the branch; instructed and removed problems for them in implementing new policies.

A representative of Thang Long Logistics Company said that customs has actively accompanied and supported businesses in resolving obstacles. The online support methods have been performed during the pandemic.

Attaching partnerships to the reform

In 2022, Ha Noi Customs Department continues to effectively implement Customs-Business partnership in all customs processes such as providing information related to new policies and regulations by many methods.

The Customs-Business consultation activities focus on customs reform and modernization plans such as implementing digital transformation in the customs management; performing management mechanisms, methods and procedures for quality and food safety inspections for imports; customs management for exported and imported goods transacted via e-commerce; carrying out customs guarantee; control of ports, warehouses, yards and checkpoints; e-seal management; management of transit, temporary import for re-export; redesigning the customs procedure process and the Customs IT system; and establishing an integrated management model at the border.

The department also focuses on proposals and recommendations of enterprises on solutions to improve legal policies and procedures, and implement law enforcement measures to prevent congestion of goods at checkpoints due to the pandemic, natural disasters and unusual events.

The city’s customs department has performed contents related to forecasting state budget revenue; anti-smuggling, trade fraud, illegal transportation of currency, precious metals, gems, drugs, explosives, weapons across borders, origin fraud, fake trademarks, anti-illicit transportation, anti-revenue loss; managed places for centralized inspection of import and export goods; improved goods identification capacity, and the capacity of officers; built and enhanced key business partner force at the grassroots.

Regarding law enforcement supervision, the Department has strengthened law enforcement supervision through activities such as surveying business satisfaction on customs procedures and administrative procedures; implementing satisfaction assessment tools of businesses for customs officers at all levels; worked with enterprises and related parties to get feedback from enterprises.

Business support activities continue to be promoted, especially supporting businesses during outbreaks of Covid-19; supporting start-ups and businesses under the plans on goods classification, valuation and origin; access to new legal regulations, import and export status, and trade trends; answering business problems in customs procedures and providing and regularly updating free customs declaration software.

By Ngoc Linh/Ngoc Loan