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Hanoi Customs actively fights smuggling and drugs

09:50 | 16/04/2022

VCN - According to Hanoi Customs, the Covid-19 pandemic is being controlled, import and export activities continue to increase, commercial flights have been restored and the risk of smuggling and transportation of drugs continues to be a problem in key areas.

Revenue collection of Hanoi Customs Department increases 36.2% Revenue collection of Hanoi Customs Department increases 36.2%
Hanoi Customs carries out solutions on raising revenue and loss prevention Hanoi Customs carries out solutions on raising revenue and loss prevention
Hanoi Customs ensures quick customs clearance of goods during Lunar New Year Hanoi Customs ensures quick customs clearance of goods during Lunar New Year
Customs officers inspected infringing goods including Covid-19 test kits
Customs officers inspected infringing goods including Covid-19 test kits

Closely monitoring the situation

Deputy Director of Hanoi Customs Department Nguyen Truong Giang said to fight smuggling and promote the results achieved in 2021, the department has closely followed the direction of the National Steering Committee 389, Hanoi Steering Committee 389 and the control plan of the General Department of Customs to develop a specific and appropriate plan.

Accordingly, the department must take customs measures; effectively collect and handle information; actively improve investigation work; and continue to build fight plans.

In addition, the unit has also strengthened the direction and management of precursors; carried out the communication and warned of new methods and tricks; improved human capacity and actively coordinated with domestic and foreign agencies.

To strengthen control of smuggling in the new situation, a representative of the Northern Hanoi Customs Branch said it is necessary to strictly control import and export goods from the border to reduce risks in the country, especially for goods imported or exported by air to carry out procedures at customs branches in the inner city, because inland customs branches do not have enough equipment to carry out the control.

In addition, the post-clearance audit agency plays an important role in detecting commercial fraud.

In particular, according to the leader of Vinh Phuc Customs Branch, to do well in drug control and prevention, all civil servants must improve their inspection and control skills.

Strict controlling high-risk areas and products

In high-risk areas, Hanoi customs department has also offered specific solutions. For goods transported by air, imported goods sent via express delivery, postal services, goods in transit, goods temporarily imported for re-export, goods under customs supervision agencies, the customs agency has taken strict measures to prevent fraud.

Furthermore, Hanoi Customs Department has collected information and profiled enterprises to manage their import and export in order to identify violations and apply appropriate inspection and supervision measures. At the same time, the department has conducted risk analysis and assessment for warehouse, yard and port operators, import-export enterprises to discover loopholes and violations, smuggling, trade frauds, etc.

Hanoi Customs has also monitored and collected information on key import goods such as groceries and consumer goods from China to the Gia Thuy Customs Branch, Hanoi North Customs Branch and Yen Vien International Railway Station Customs Branch.

By implementing solutions, from the beginning of the year, Hanoi Customs Department has handled many smuggling cases of key items.

On February 20, 2022, at the branch of UPS Vietnam JSC in Hanoi (address: Phu Minh commune, Soc Son district, Hanoi), the Northern Region Anti-Smuggling

Enforcement Team under the Anti-smuggling investigation Department, cooperated with the Express Customs Branch; the Drug Enforcement Team; Long Bien district Police (Hanoi) to inspect a shipment suspected of being LSD drugs sent from the Netherlands to Vietnam, arrested one person, seized 500 paper stamps impregnated with narcotics weighing 8.4 grams, and handed over the case to the Long Bien District Police.

On February 18, 2022, at the warehouse of ALS Cargo Terminal JSC, the Customs Enforcement Team - Noi Bai International Airport Customs Branch coordinated with other authorities to inspect a shipment transported on a flight of December 31, 2021 of Korea Air Airlines from Korea to Noi Bai, Vietnam. Through the inspection, the customs unit discovered 34 boxes of cigarette ESSE brand, nine boxes of cigarette RAISON Sun Presso, totaling 21,500 packages of cigarettes. The above cigarettes were illegally transported and on the list of goods imported with conditions.

Especially pandemic prevention products, due to the prolonged and rapid outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic nationwide, especially in Hanoi and the northern and central provinces, the demand for medical equipment has increased, rapid test kits for SARS-CoV-2 antigen (Covid rapid test kit), domestic Covid-19 medicine has increased. The smugglers have taken advantage of border crossings and hidden them in luggage to bring into Vietnam.

Notably, on February 17, 2022, Noi Bai international airport customs branch coordinated with Team 1 under the Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department to search a shipment and seized 85,000 Covid-19 Test Kits.

Hanoi Customs seize huge amounts of contraband Hanoi Customs seize huge amounts of contraband

VCN - In 2021, Hanoi Customs Department caught and dismantled many smuggling operations, especially including three drug ...

Most recently, on March 17 and 18, team 1 worked with Noi Bai international airport customs branch, the Customs Control Team under Hanoi Customs Department to check a shipment from the Czech Republic through Turkey to Noi Bai International Airport and seized 65,000 Covid-19 Test Kits.

By Ngoc Linh/ Huyen Trang