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Hai Phong Customs handles procedures for 192,000 declarations in March

09:50 | 20/04/2022

VCN – In March, the number of customs declarations at Hai Phong Customs Department was the highest in the first quarter and increased sharply compared to February 2022.

Professional activities at Hai Phong Customs. Photo: Thái Bình
Professional activities at Hai Phong Customs. Photo: Thái Bình

In March, the total declarations of Hai Phong Customs Department totaled 192,615 papers, an increase of 4.96% over the same period in 2021, rising by 73.36% over the previous month. In particular, import declarations totaled 98,970 papers while export declarations were 93,645 papers.

Among nine customs branches under the Department, the Export Processing and Industrial Parks Customs Branch had achieved the largest volume with 47,022 papers, while Hai Phong Port Area 1 Customs Branch had the lowest with 4,953 papers.

In March, the whole Department had 65.3% green channel declarations, and 31.4% yellow channel declarations.

However, the ratio of yellow channels and red channels in four border-gate customs branches (Hai Phong port area 1 Customs Branch, Hai Phong port area 2 Customs Branch, Hai Phong port area 3 Customs Branch, Dinh Vu port Customs Branch) are much larger than the general average. In particular, four border gate units reached 71.6% yellow channel declarations and 7.6% red channel declarations.

Generally, in the first quarter, Hai Phong Customs handled procedures for about 500,000 customs declarations of 16,875 enterprises (an increase of 10.5% over the same period in 2021).

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy