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Ha Tinh Customs focuses on administrative reform for business community

06:32 | 03/01/2021

VCN- Recently, Ha Tinh Customs Department has deployed many solutions on administrative procedure reform and modernisation of customs operational processes to cutcustoms clearance time at the border gate, helping businesses overcome difficulties amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ha Tinh Customs: Efficiency providing timely guidance and promptly solving problems for enterprises. Ha Tinh Customs: Efficiency providing timely guidance and promptly solving problems for enterprises.
Ha Tinh Customs focuses on consulting and post clearance audit for key subjects Ha Tinh Customs focuses on consulting and post clearance audit for key subjects
Ha Tinh customs struggles to fulfill state budget task Ha Tinh customs struggles to fulfill state budget task
Customs officers of VungAng Customs Branch instruct businesses oncarrying out procedures. Photo: Phan Tuan

Modernise and create trust

In recent years, the administrative reform and modernisation of Ha Tinh Customs have had positive changes, stemming from the accurate identification of the importance of administrative reform in direction, administration and management at all levels.

Director of Ha Tinh Customs Department Nguyen Hong Linh said only when the heads of units are drastic in direction and management willthe performance of customs officers be effective.

Effective performance isproved by speeding up customs clearance, saving time and costs for firms.

When commenting on the changes in the implementation of customs procedures, import and export businesses said that recently, Ha Tinh Customs Department has promoted administrative reform, implemented e-customs procedures andreduced customs clearance time for goods, helping improve the competitiveness of businesses in a difficult period.

VungAng Customs Branch contributes the largest revenue to the State budget of Ha Tinh Customs Department and also has many initiatives and solutions in implementation of the Customs-Businesses partnership programme. To effectively deploy, from the beginning of the year, the branch has developed plans on meeting, contacting and training firmsto attract and encourage new enterprises in carrying out customs procedures. It has also assigned officers to instruct and handle arising problems in process of making customs procedures for enterprises.

Boosting the advantages of VungAng Seaport, Laos-Viet International Joint Stock Company has innovated, invested in equipment and improved cargo handling capacity. One of the top criteria is to improve service quality and cutclearance time for import and export goods. In 2020, although the world economy faces difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the company still received 246 ships of 45 enterprises with the volume of loaded and discharged cargo of nearly 3.3 million tonnes.

Deputy Director of Laos-Viet International Joint Stock Company said to achieve this result, in addition to the company’s efforts in investing in cargo handling equipment, the administrative reform and customs modernisation has played an important role. Whether Saturday, Sunday or Tet holidays, Ha Tinh Customs officers are ready to support businesses to perform customs clearance. This has a great significance for enterprises, helping deliver goods on time with partners and reducing storage costs and increasing competitiveness for businesses.

Tran Hau who is in charge of carrying out customs procedures for Vung Ang Logistics Co., Ltd., said over the past time, the Customs has reformed and modernised customs procedures, saving storage costs. In Vung Ang area, during customs clearance procedures, when new policies are issued, customs officers always instruct in an enthusiastic manner for firmsto apply accurately and avoid errors.

Nguyen Hung Anh, a workerof a company thatnewly carries out customs procedures at the Vung Ang Seaport Customs Branch, said that before, the firm wasconfused to carry out customs procedures for import and export goods. However, after understanding about procedures and being supported by customs officers of VungAng Seaport Customs Branch, his company selects to carry out procedures here. After doing procedures here, he is not only instructed and consulted by Customs, but is also facilitated in fast customs clearance, reducing time and cost for the company, keepingtrust with the company’s partners, enhancing the competitiveness.

Consider business satisfaction a measurement

Motivated by the efforts and accompanying with businesses to overcome difficulties, in 2015-209, Ha Tinh Customs Department ranked second in the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) of all central agencies in Ha Tinh province, reaching 93.53% average rate of evaluation criteria.

In 2020, Ha Tinh has received and conducted customs clearance for 9,118 declarations with a turnover of more than US$2,800 million of 443 enterprises. Ha Tinh Customs Department has drastically implemented solutions for revenue collection. The department has collected VND 4,600 billion and expectsto collect more than VND 4,700 billion or 70.3% of the estimate until the end of December 31, down 28.2% year-on-year.

According to Director Nguyen Hong Linh, to complete political tasks in 2021-2025, Ha Tinh Customs Department will continue to develop the Customs-business partnership. The department always believesthat “during the performance, arising problems should be solved immediately”. In addition, Ha Tinh Customs the department and its customs branches will strengthen the grasp of problems and difficulties of enterprises through information exchange and holding specialised dialogue conferences.

By Dao Le/Ngoc Loan