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Ha Tinh Customs discovers 98kg of nacrotics hidden inside five wooden statues

19:44 | 16/09/2020

VCN – A representative of Ha Tinh Customs Department told Customs News that Cau Treo Customs Branch worked with Anti-drugs Enforcement Unit and competent forces to use scanning machines and seized 98khg of narcotics disguised sophisticatedly inside five wooden statues.

At 7:15PM, on September 8, during cargo inspection and supervision using a scanning machine at Cau Treo international border gate area, Cau Treo Customs Branch worked with the Anti-Drug Enforcement Team, Cau Treo International Border Post and the PC04 - Ha Tinh Provincial Police to discover 98 kg of narcotics disguised sophisticatedly inside five wooden statues.

The number of drugs that was disguised in the 5 wooden statues was 98 kg. Photo: Cau Treo Customs Branch

Using a scanning machine and a quick test with a drug testing machine for the goods hidden in the five wooden statues, they were suspected to be drugs.

After inspection, the five wooden statues were found to have been transported from Laos to Vietnam by Nguyen Thi Hong Ha (was born in 1976, residing in Xuan Tien commune, Nghi Xuan district, Ha Tinh province).

Ha confessed that she was hired to transport the goods by car for a Laotian person in Vientiane to Vietnam and delivered them to subjects in HCM City for consumption.

The narcotics were camouflaged very sophisticatedly in five wooden statues by the subjects and attached with a locator device.

Competent forces are completing the dossier and handling it in accordance with regulations.

Here are some pictures of the customs authority using the scanning machine to detect the exhibits:

Through the image showed on scanning machine, Cau Treo Customs discovered an abnormality in the shipment of wooden statues. Photo: Cau Treo Customs
Scanning machine of the Customs authority at Cau Treo international border gate have examined detailed. Photo: Cau Treo Custom
The subjects attached with a locator device in these 5 wooden statues. Photo: Cau Treo Customs
Cau Treo Customs Officials applied professional skills through using the scanning image to inspect and identifies narcotics. Photo: Cau Treo Customs
Competent forces opened the seal of evidence and detect a large number of drugs that were camouflaged inside the statues. Photo: Cau Treo Customs

By Nụ Bùi/Thanh Thuy