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GDVC holds 6th awarded delegates conference

09:36 | 22/08/2020

VCN- On August 20, the General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDVC) held the 6th awarded delegates conference online in 36 provinces and cities across the country to evaluate the patriotic emulation movement and the results of implementing the State’s commendation policy in the past  five years, and to honour exemplary customs officers.

gdvc holds 6th awarded delegates conference Customs sector strengthens connection to National Public Service Portal
gdvc holds 6th awarded delegates conference GDVC responds to an article titled “tax losses by Customs: under-value declaration for tax avoidance”
gdvc holds 6th awarded delegates conference
Leaders of the Ministry of Finance and the GDVC at the conference. Photo: Q.H

Attending the conference were Dinh Tien Dung- Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Viet Nam, Civil Affair Committee Secretary, Minister of Finance; Vu Thi Mai, Deputy Minister of Finance; Do Thanh Hai-Deputy Head of Department II of the Central Emulation and Rewards Council; Nguyen Huu Than Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Finance’s Party Committee; and Pham Chi Thanh Deputy Head of the Central Emulation and Rewards Department of the Ministry of Finance, as well as representatives of some units under the Ministry of Finance.

gdvc holds 6th awarded delegates conference
Minister of Finance Dinh Tien Dung awards the First Class Labour Medal to the leaders of the General Department of Customs. Photo: Q.H
The conference was chaired by the GDVC’s Secretary of the Party Committee, Director General Nguyen Van Can and attended by Deputy Director Generals, Directors of departments and more than 300 delegates representing more than 10,000 thousand customs cadres, officers and workers.

Promote patriotic emulation traditions

At the conference, the GDVC’s Deputy Director General Nguyen Duong Thai said the conference is a key milestone confirming the new development of the emulation movement and commendation; showing the continuation and promotion of good traditions and achievements and results achieved in recent years.

Deputy Director General said from emulation movements, many collectives and individuals have excellently accomplished their tasks, exceeded emulation targets and received high commendations from the State and Government. These are exemplary customs officers for units and civil servants, public employees and workers in the sector to learn from and follow.

Deputy Director General Nguyen Duong Thai said the conference is responsible for evaluating achieved results; limitations, shortcomings and solutions to remove; set orientations, goals and tasks for the emulation and commendation work and emulation movement of the Customs sector in the future.

“This is also an opportunity for us to honour, learn and multiply excellent collectives and individuals in the patriotic emulation movement selected from the sector’s units; identify valuable experience and goods practices to widely apply, continuing to make the sector's emulation movement to develop in width and depth, and is really a motivation to boost and enhance efficiency and quality of the sector’s work,” the Deputy Director General said.

gdvc holds 6th awarded delegates conference
Deputy Director General Nguyen Duong Thai delivered the opening speech at the conference.

These are the Customs sector’s excellent officers across the country who have fought against crime, trade fraud, smuggling of goods and illegal transportation of drugs across border gates, contributing to social security; studied to advise leaders to direct and instruct the facilitation of import and export activities, immigration of people and vehicles, foreign investment activities, and handling customs offences. Many customs collectives and individuals have researched and applied achievements of industrial revolution 4.0 in the customs modernisation reform.

In the framework of the conference, delegates watched the report “the GDVC: Emulation creates the motivation to successfully accomplish political tasks”, reviewing the outstanding achievements in the emulation movement in the five-year period of the Customs sector held by Customs Newspaper.

Reporting the results of the emulation work in 2015-2020, Deputy Director General Luu Manh Tuong said to encourage collectives and individuals to promote the traditions of patriotic emulation, self-consciousness and creativity, based on tasks and in response to the Government's messages and motto of action, the GDVC has developed plans for each year with specific specific themes and orientations for patriotic emulation movements in line with reality.

Deploy emulation movements

Following the contents of the GDVC’s emulation movements, units and organisations have based on their functions, tasks and actual situation to develop plans for the implementation of emulation movements for each unit and associated emulation with operational work, contributing to achieving encouraging results in operational work.

Emulation movements with practical themes have raised the awareness of customs officers and created a happy working environment, contributing to accomplishment of political and operational tasks of the Customs sector. Through emulation, some collectives and individuals have been found with creative and effective models and performance, such as:

Quang Ninh Customs Department has launched a movement titled “Discipline-Integrity-Initiative – Drasticity” and the initiative building the Customs Department Competitiveness Index (CDCI) to survey and assess the level of satisfaction of businesses for seven customs branches.

Hai Phong Customs Department has launched a movement titled “Promoting the development of the Customs-Business partnership”, improved management methods, applied information technology in all fields, especially Hai Phong Customs Department is a pioneer in successfully implementing the automated system for seaport customs management to shorten the time and cut costs for businesses.

Binh Duong Customs Department has launched an emulation movement titled “Smile at the office” at its customs branches, associated with the priority for serving businesses.

HCM City Customs Department has performed with model of “Morning coffee with businesses” aiming to understand the problems of businesses and discuss solutions to facilitate customs procedures. Recently, HCM City Customs Department has developed and deployed the scheme on trade facilitation: “Customs procedures in logistics operations and anti-congestion at Cat Lai port" to continue to clear cargo flow at seaports that have the largest volume of import and export in the country.

gdvc holds 6th awarded delegates conference
The conference. Photo: Q.H

From emulation movements, over the past five years, Customs units across the country have achieved comprehensive results in all aspects of work.

It can be mentioned in working fields such as implementing the reform, development and modernisation to facilitate goods trading activities; annually completed in excess the targets of tax revenue, revenue in the following year is higher than the previous year, contributing to State revenue; detecting and arresting many cases of trade fraud, smuggling, including major drug cases, cases of smuggling of scrap, counterfeit goods and intellectual property infringement, contributing to security protection and public health safety.

Thanks to the effective implementation of emulation movements, this has created the driving force to train and build a contingent of professional and specialised Customs officers to meet requirements of demand for reform, modernisation and international integration.

At this conference, in addition to evaluating the achieved results and honouring exemplary customs officers of the patriotic emulation movement for 2015-2020, the GDVC also proposed a direction for further innovation, improving the quality of emulation - commendation to complete tasks, continue to build and develop Vietnam Customs "Professional - Transparency - Efficiency".

In 2019-2020, a total of 28 Customs collectives were awarded Government's Emulation Flag, one collective was awarded the First Class Independence Medal, one collective was awarded the Third Class Independence Medal, seven collectives were awarded the First Class Independence Medal, 29 collectives and 44 individuals were awarded the Second Class Labour Medal, 16 collectives and 70 individuals were awarded the Third Class Labour Medal.

In addition, many collectives and individuals in the Customs sector were awarded Victory Medals in the fight against smuggling and trade fraud.

The GDVC was awarded the the First Class Labour Medal. This is the noble reward, recognising the GDVC’s achievements, contributions and important role in the socio-economic development and integration of the country in the current period.

By Ngoc Linh/Ngoc Loan