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From the case of seizure 276 kg of meth from Philippines: Customs coordinated to close a number of cases of narcotics cross nations

14:28 | 27/03/2019

VCN – Besides the coordination for information exchange contributing to the success of seizing 276 kg of meth by the competent force of Philippines recently, during the past, Vietnam Customs has coordinated and exchanged information with competent forces in some countries and territories to destroy transnational drug transport lines.

tin nhap 20190326161501
276 kg of meth were seized by by the competent force of Philippines according to the information source in coordination with Vietnam Customs

From published news, in the expansion of investigating the case of 300 kg of meth in Ho Chi Minh City, the Project Committee (Police and the Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department) has coordinated by exchanging information with the Fillipino Customs and Police.

In the night of March 22/3, from the information source from Vietnamese authorities, the Fillipino competent force seized 276 kg of meth.

Through the Customs News reporters' information, besides the above case that is attracting the attention of the public, during the past, Vietnam Customs has also coordinated and exchanged information to help competent forces in some countries and territories to seize and destroy transnational drug transport lines.

Typically, the case related to a specialized project of destroying the transportation line of more than 43 kg of cocaine in 2015 - the largest transport of cocaine was destroyed in Vietnam at that time.

Specifically, in May 2015, the Project Committee UPS-155 of Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department and Customs Departments: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Drug Criminal Investigation Department (Ministry of Public Security), Drug Criminal Investigation Police Division (Hanoi Police) investigated and seized 43kg of illegally transported cocaine from the Americas into Vietnam via sea and air.

tin nhap 20190326161501
Cocaine was squeezed inside metal pipe which was exhibits seized by Customs in the specialized project in 2015. Photo: Nguyễn Quốc

At the same time, through the struggle with the subjects, Vietnam Customs has provided timely information to Hong Kong Customs for detecting and arresting 19.3kg of cocaine and 2 subjects related to transnational drug lines for this country.

In particular, at the Preliminary Conference of the Phase 2 of Mekong Dragon Campaign (Mekong Dragon - co-founded by the Vietnam Customs and China Customs, started from September 2018) in Vietnam at the end of February 2019, Deputy Director General of Vietnam Customs Nguyen Cong Binh said: Over 5 months of operation, the Campaign has recorded nearly 100 seizures for cases related to narcotics from members Customs authorities.

At the same time, during the implementation phase, there were two shared intelligence operations that led to the success of seizures...

By Nguyễn Quốc/Thanh Thuy