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Deploying aviation NSW: What will be changed?

16:50 | 18/11/2017

 VCN- From 15 November, 2017, aviation NSW will be officially implemented under Decision 43/2017/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister.

deploying aviation nsw what will be changed
The model of Aviation NSW

Accordingly, the procedures for exit or entry and transit aircrafts of 36 airlines at 9 international air ports will be changed.

According to provisions in Decision 43/2017/QD-TTg, documents electronically declared including: Declaration of aviation imported and exported goods (if any); Information on House bill of lading; List of passengers; List of flight crew; Manifest of baggage of passengers (if any); Information of flight (date of carrying procedures); Information on passenger name record (PNR) before 24 hours and update before 8 hours.

Documents must be presented or submitted including: General declaration (including medical information); Medical report of the corpse, human remains, ashes (if any); Medical report of medical microbiological sample, biological products, tissues and organs of human body (if any); Phytosanitary quarantine declaration; Veterinary quarantine declaration; Passports of passengers and crew; International Vaccination Slip of crew and passengers; Medical declaration.

Declaring via a leading agency

Aviation Single Window mechanism allows applicants to send electronically information and document to carry out procedures of State management agencies related to exit, entry or transit aircraft via NSW. The State agencies issue decisions on Customs clearance via NSW.

Specially, aviation NSW will receive information on flight schedule, list of flight crew, passenger, baggage and cargo to electronically carry out procedures for exit, entry or transit aircrafts via aviation NSW Portal. The information sending to the NSW is managed by 5 State agencies at airports includes: Customs at border gate, Air port- authority, Police at border gate, Veterinary quarantine authority, Phytosanitary quarantine authority, Medical quarantine organization at border gate. The applicants only electronically send information to the State agency once at address https://www.vnsw.gov.vn.

According to the General Department of Vietnam Customs, the first new point is that airlines electronically provide information to the Government agencies in management of aviation means of transport. Currently, documents regulating on management of aviation means of transport at international airports have been promulgated but not unified due to the difference and inconsistency between agencies. In the Customs field, there are Decrees on requirement and Circulars on guidance for airlines on providing information of passenger, baggage and cargo and flight schedule. The Border Security Agency and Immigration Agency require pre-information of passengers. Air port- authority requires information for general management. All this information (except passenger information) is provided on paper. Hence, the sharing and using information is very limited. As of 15 November, the Aviation SW is deployed, all relevant information will be electronically declared and connected with all management system of State agencies at airports.

The second new point is that this is the first time the State agency of at Vietnam’s airports has required to providing information on passenger name record to ensure aviation security and national security and prevent terrorism and drug smuggling via aviation.

The third new point is that the information is sent to a State agency, it will be automatically shared to all relevant agencies and linked to all stages.

In addition, the Customs also provides information among agencies managing air-warehouses for Customs supervision. The information sharing will shorten the clearance time and provide better support to logistic companies, transport enterprises and importers and exporters.

Available for handling obstacles

After a process of preparation, the aviation SW has piloted at Noi Bai International Air Port since 1 January, 2017. Until now, 100% of airlines have registered to implement Aviation NSW. The General Department of Vietnam Customs said that implementing Decision 43/2017/ND-CP of the Prime Minister, as of 15 November 2017, the Customs will deploy NSW for exit, entry and transit aircraft at all international airports in the whole country.

In order to effective deployment of the system, the GDVC will operate the help-desk and hotlines 24/7 to provide the fastest support to enterprises.

Currently, the GDVC is drafting a series of processing procedures of the Customs and connecting with agencies to issue measures to respond and handle problems (if any).

Benefits of deploying Aviation NSW

The information exchange and management coordination among State management agencies at airports have contributed to deploying the e-Government in Vietnam. Through the implementation of Aviation NSW, the Vietnam’s Government has expressed its effort in facilitating trade and improving business environment and creating basis to deploy ASW in accordance with commitments.

For the applicants: they shall submit online documents once to the NSW portal instead of submitting many paper documents to many different state agencies. Thereby, shortening the clearance time and saving relevant costs, publicizing information and reducing direct contact between the applicants and State management agencies.

For State management agencies: State management agencies have pre information of the flight to analysis and inspect, enhancing efficiency of State management in the field of aviation and reducing time and human recourses related to receiving paper document. Through receiving pre information of the flight, the State management agencies apply risk management and ensure aviation security and safety, prevent smuggling and terrorism. The equipment, management and operation of IT system help to modernize State agencies and enhance ability of officers.

By Ngoc Linh/Ngoc Loan