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Da Nang Customs exceeds revenue target

12:39 | 10/12/2021

VCN – In 2021, amid the of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, motivated by solutions to facilitate in customs process and great efforts of the business community, Da Nang Customs Department has achieved the revenue target.

Da Nang Customs holds customs-business dialogue conference Da Nang Customs holds customs-business dialogue conference
Da Nang Customs works with police to solve big cases Da Nang Customs works with police to solve big cases
Da Nang Customs strives to achieve revenue target of VND4,350 billion Da Nang Customs strives to achieve revenue target of VND4,350 billion
Da Nang Customs exceeds revenue target
Officers of Khanh Hoa-Lien Chieu Industrial Park Customs Branch at work.

In 2021, Da Nang Customs Department has been assigned the revenue target of VND3,550 billion by the Ministry of Finance and the desired target of VND4,350 billion by the General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDVC).

The unpredictable development of the public health crisis has affected Vietnam’s imports and exports. In order to facilitate the business production, the Government has promulgated many policies on tax exemption and reduction, affecting the State budget revenue.

There are not many investment projects in Da Nang city and most investors choose the form of export processing enterprises to enjoy tax incentives. Da Nang city neither has large enterprises with high revenue nor traditional products with high revenue and new products with sudden increases in revenue.

In order to reach the revenue target in 2021, Da Nang Customs Department has implemented many specific solutions such as assigning the target and ambitious target to each of its customs branches; strengthening anti-revenue loss through supervision in customs process, post clearance audit, specialized inspection, anti-smuggling and trade fraud; enhancing efficiency of customs control under the General Department of Vietnam Customs’ direction; expediting the customs inspection, customs valuation; organizing value consultation for cases suspected of undervalued declaration; preventing missing cases suspected of declared value but failing to go through consultation; checking customs value for items with high tax rates and turnover, including imported automobiles.

The municipal customs department has provided solutions to facilitate and support businesses to ensure smooth imports and exports; instructed customs declarants in customs declaration via the customs system; checked and received e-documents and e-certificates of origin; applied new regulations on the deadline for submission of C/O for imports amid the Covid-19 pandemic to expedite administrative reform and shortening customs clearance time.

In the physical inspection for goods and customs supervision, the department has guided the customs declarant and requested customs branches to quickly process procedures when the city applied strict lockdown measures.

Accordingly, the department has notified that if businesses need to implement customs clearance in this period, they must issue the power of attorney to the warehouse, yard and port operators or shipping lines to witness the physical inspection of goods by customs.

The department has implemented and developed plans to process customs procedures and respond to different situations.

Motivated by effective solutions, the department has hit the revenue target. As of November 15, the department’s revenue showed a year-on-year increase of 34% to VND4,353.6 billion, meeting 122.64% of the target and 100.08% of the ambitious target.

From January to November, the department’s revenue rose 34% to VND1,105.39 billion compared with the previous year, which was mainly from automobiles and auto parts.

For example, the trade in imported cars under the form of donation and gifts across Da Nang Seaport hit VND1,278.18 billion, the revenue from these items grew to VND798.78 billion compared with 2020, accounting for 29.4% of the total the revenue.

The quantity of auto parts and accessories imported by Truong Hai Automobile Joint Stock Company across Da Nang Seaport surged year-on-year. The customs sector collected VND1,162.41 billion in tariffs from this company, an increase of VND668.52 billion compared with the same period in the previous year (VND493.89 billion), accounting for 26.7% of total revenue.

By Ngoc Linh/Ngoc Loan