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Customs procedures are publicized

19:57 | 17/04/2017

VCN- The General Department of Vietnam Customs has required the Customs Department of provinces, cities and Customs Branches to disseminate and publicize relevant legal documents fully and promptly for enterprises to grasp and implement.

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customs procedures are publicized
Enterprises search information about Customs procedures at the Ha Nam Customs Branch. Photo: H. Nu.

On the implementation of the Prime Minister’s Directive No. 13 / CT-TTg on enhancing the responsibility of heads of State administrative agencies at all levels in the reform of administrative procedures; Government regulations on the implementation of the Single Window mechanism and inter-agency at State administrative agencies in localities…

The General Department of Vietnam Customs has requested the provincial and municipal Customs Departments to strictly and fully comply with the provisions of the Law on administrative procedures announced by the Ministry of Finance and regulations promulgated by the Director General of Vietnam Customs.

In particular, at the offices where customs procedures are completed, the provincial / municipal Customs Departments and Customs Branches have to publicize the relevant legal documents, the set of administrative procedures in the field of Customs and the list of administrative procedures within the scope and geographical area of State management fully and promptly to continue carrying out the publicity and receipt of the proposals from organizations and individuals on the administrative regulations of the Ministry of Finance; and continue to effectively implement the Single Window mechanism.

State departments under the General Department of Vietnam Customs should carry out an assessment of the impact of administrative procedures, and evaluate the impact of policies in the proposal for development of legal documents and in the process of drafting documents, list the administrative procedures prescribed in the newly promulgated legal documents for submission to the Ministry of Finance within the prescribed time limits; publicize, disseminate, complete and promptly issue legal documents and relevant administrative procedures.

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According to statistics from the General Department of Vietnam Customs, from the date of official operation ( 1st March 2017) to 25th March 2017, the online public service system of Customs received 4.6 thousand sets of administrative procedures. In particular, there were 2,900 sets of administrative procedures to be processed and return the result and 1,700 sets of administrative procedures in the process.

By Dao Le/ Hoang Anh