July 03, 2022 09:28

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Binh Duong Customs detects offenses through post-clearance audit

08:33 | 15/05/2022

VCN- Binh Duong Customs Department has focused on preventing violations in import and export activities, detecting offences through post clearance audit and combating revenue loss.

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Binh Duong Customs detects offenses through post-clearance audit
Officers of Binh Duong Customs Department conduct physical inspections for imports and exports. Photo

Violations in export processing and production

Manager of the Post-Clearance Audit Branch under Binh Duong Customs Department Tong Quoc Thinh said that from the beginning of the year to April 30, 2022, the branch carried out 25 post-clearance audits, detected violations of enterprises and collected tax arrears worth about VND9 billion.

Enterprises carrying out customs procedures at the local customs department are mainly export processing and producing companies.

Therefore, offenses of the companies detected through post-clearance audit are related to the difference between the shortage or excess of raw and auxiliary materials, between the actual inventory of goods and the accounting books and customs declaration for export processing and production goods; as well as false declarations of code, tax rate and origin of imports and exports.

Besides law-abiding enterprises, some enterprises have not yet worked with the inspection team such as delaying providing records or reports or submitting inaccurate data.

“In order to collect the tax amount, the branch has made great efforts and applied specialized measures and coordinated with relevant agencies. As a result, most enterprises have agreed with the performance of the customs in handling violations, and accepted the tax payment, late payment interest and administrative fines to the state budget," said Manager Tong Quoc Thinh.

Using invalid C/O form E

Recently, the Post-Clearance Audit Branch has focused on investigating and implementing post-clearance audit for cashew import-export enterprises, which is the key task assigned by the General Department of Vietnam Customs to execute nationwide.

Customs detected that some enterprises have sold duty-free goods without customs declarations and falsely declared the quantity of goods.

In addition, the local customs branch has also discovered a company using invalid C/O form E to enjoy tax incentives, with a total amount of tax arrears up to tens of billions of VND. Due to the criminal case, the branch has transferred the file to the police for further investigation.

The Customs Enforcement Team under the local customs department has planned and taken measures to prevent trade fraud and illegal transportation of goods across borders, strengthened control for activities that take advantage of transit, transshipment, temporary import for re-export, export of bonded warehouses for smuggling and trade fraud.

The team has also collected information, assessed risks, and identified shipments to inspect and coordinated with other competent agencies to handle violations.

In the first four months of 2022, the team detected 281 cases of customs offenses, fined and collected tax arrears of about VND29 billion; inspected 4,474 containers of about 2,326 customs declaration forms via the container scanner, thereby detecting eight violations.

As of April, 15, Binh Duong Customs Department has completed procedures for 5,357 enterprises with 548,976 declaration forms. The trade increased by 1.9% year-on-year to VND18,566 million. The local customs department’s revenue rose 12% compared with the previous year to VND6,371 billion, meeting 35.57% of the target.

By Thu Diu/ Ngoc Loan