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Bac Ninh Customs accompanies enterprises

10:49 | 10/01/2022

VCN – US$145.38 billion is the export turnover recorded at Bac Ninh Customs Department by the end of November 15, 2021. This result has not only brought many positive meanings in terms of attracting enterprises but also demonstrated the efforts of Bac Ninh customs officers after a year of overcoming difficulties in the center of the pandemic.

In the last months of the year, the customs branches under the Bac Ninh Customs Department are determined to achieve many targets and plans. (In the photo: Professional activities at the Customs Sub-Department managing Bac Giang industrial zones). Photo: Thanh Tung
In the last months of the year, the customs branches under the Bac Ninh Customs Department are determined to achieve many targets and plans. (Photo: Professional activities at the Customs Sub-Department managing Bac Giang industrial zones). Photo: Thanh Tùng

Ensuring smooth operations

In May and June of 2021, Bac Ninh and Bac Giang provinces suffered serious impacts from the fourth wave of Covid-19.

The infections were mainly detected in industrial parks which caused many difficulties for enterprises in manufacturing, with many companies having to shut down. To ensure Covid-19 prevention, People’s Committees of these two provinces had to issue decisions on temporarily suspending the operation of a number of industrial parks.

Bac Ninh Customs Department also faced many difficulties, especially at customs branches with Covid-19 infections. Not only that, implementing social distancing and medical isolation also affected the arrangement of customs officers in performing customs procedures.

The leader of the Bac Ninh Customs Department said that, in 2021, during the peak period of Covid-19 pandemic prevention, the unit directed affiliated customs branches to deploy pandemic prevention measures in order to ensure the “dual goals”. In particular, closely following the pandemic situation in localities to deploy appropriate solutions in order to avoid interruption of enterprises’ operation. Besides that, this unit has mobilized customs officers under the group of the Department’s Office to be ready in customs branches. Thus ensuring smooth operation of import-export activities of enterprises and avoiding supply chain disruption.

For example, in mid-May of 2021, Bac Ninh Customs Branch was the first unit to record a Covid-19 infection. Thus, to handle procedures for 650 declarations arising every day, the customs branch developed several plans to tackle the pandemic so that professional stages can be applied flexibly and effectively.

Deputy Director of Bac Ninh Customs Branch Luong Tien Dung said that after the detection of one Covid-19 patient and 13 cases of primary contact, the Customs Branch immediately mobilized all officers of the General Affairs Team and two more officers of the Que Vo Customs Techniques Team to take over the work of the Technique Team.

Along with that, plans for logistics and accommodation for customs officials to meet the conditions of "3 on-site". It is worth mentioning that, immediately after the plan was proposed, customs officers seriously implemented it, clearly showing a sense of responsibility to support colleagues when facing difficulties, helping the unit to maintain regular professional activities, both ensure the prevention and control of pandemic. Therefore, all professional activities had always been maintained and ensured smoothly

Similar to Bac Ninh Customs Branch, Bac Giang Industrial Parks Customs Branch is the second unit under Bac Ninh Customs Department to record Covid-19 infection cases.

Deputy Director of Bac Giang Industrial Parks Customs Branch Tran Minh Quang said that the Customs Branch established a Covid-19 prevention team to update and promptly implement directive documents on pandemic prevention and control at all levels. At the same time, thoroughly grasping customs officers to absolutely comply with regulations on pandemic prevention, minimizing direct contact between customs officers and customs declarants; documents in the customs dossier set are attached on the information technology system, during the process of declaration and implementation of customs procedures.

“During the outbreak of the pandemic, Customs branch boldly proposed to the Provincial People's Committee to establish a concentrated medical isolation area at the Customs Branch, to help customs officer ensure living and accommodation conditions as well as maintain the implementation of customs procedures via the information technology system," Quang said.

Businesses appreciate the support and companionship

As noted by the reporter of Customs News, most businesses highly appreciated the pandemic prevention and control plan implemented at the customs branches under the Bac Ninh Customs Department. In particular, the Customs authorities have made efforts to handle the procedures, not leaving the declarations backlogged on the system, ensuring the goods are cleared within the same day, providing maximum support to businesses when carrying out customs procedures through the area.

For example, in the Bac Ninh Customs Branch, although the pandemic greatly affected the production and business activities of enterprises, the Branch has about 350 enterprises regularly participating in import and export procedures. To remove difficulties for businesses, especially during the pandemic outbreak, instead of face-to-face contact, the Customs Branch has increased working online to answer and guide procedures for businesses.

At the Bac Giang Industrial Park Customs Branch, thanks to good performance of supporting and solving difficulties for enterprises, this Customs Branch has attracted more businesses to carry out customs procedures in the area, thereby contributing to increasing revenue at the unit. Specifically, up to now, the branch has 1,170 enterprises carrying out procedures (including 660 enterprises in the province and 510 enterprises outside the province), an increase of 120 enterprises; State revenue collection reached VND 1,606 billion, up 37% over the same period in 2020.

According to Head of Import-Export Department of Mobase Vietnam Co., Ltd. Nguyen Duc Giang, during the outbreak of the pandemic, the number of declarations of enterprises decreased from 200-300 declarations to 100 declarations/month. While ensuring measures to prevent and control the epidemic, Bac Ninh Customs Branch ensured that enterprises' goods were cleared within the same day, helping enterprises to be more active in production and business activities. In addition, a number of questions about product names, and HS codes were guided and answered enthusiastically through the hotline number.

Nguyen Cao Vinh, Head of the Import-Export Department of Vietpan Pacific International One Member Limited Liability Company said that a large number of workers lived in the "center of the pandemic" who could not return to work, had affected directly on the business's operations. However, due to the implementation of the production and business plan as set, the enterprise rearranged the production line to ensure the signed order.

“Despite being affected by the pandemic, it was also the timely support from the Customs authority that helped the flow of declarations registered by enterprises to remain stable. On average, enterprises made about 400 import and export declarations per month. Specifically, thanks to the electronic customs declaration, as well as the proactiveness of the Customs authorities in removing difficulties and obstacles, all production and business activities of enterprises take place smoothly, especially during the outbreak,” Nguyen Cao Vinh added.

By Quang Hùng/Thanh Thuy