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Arrest an illegal transportation of large quantity of electronics

08:07 | 18/04/2017

VCN - On 13/4, at the border area of Hoa Lu International Border Gate, Loc Ninh District, Binh Phuoc Province, the frontier post of Hoa Lu International Border Gate, Border Guards of Binh Phuoc province and Hoa Lu International Border Gate Customs Department (Binh Phuoc Customs Department) coordinated with Drug and criminals prevention Division of Binh Phuoc Border Patrol to arrest the case of illegal transportation of goods through the border area of Loc Ninh district.

arrest an illegal transportation of large quantity of electronics
Competent force inspected violated goods. Photo: Lê Đồng

Accordingly, on 13/4, at Suoi Thon hamlet (Loc Hoa, Loc Ninh, Binh Phuoc), the working force caught the subject - Tran Dai Dinh, was born in 1992, lived in Hamlet 8 (Loc Hoa, Loc Ninh, Binh Phuoc) while was transporting illegal goods. The exhibits were seized including 1 Huyndai truck with a fake license plate, electronics and refrigeration products with the total weight of 10 tons.

According to the original testimony, Tran Dai Dinh was hired to transport goods for a Cambodian from the SaNual market, SaNual district, Kaiatie province (Cambodia) to the three-way crossroads, Loc Ninh district and delivered to another subject (Vietnamese person) with transport costs of 250 thousand vnd.

The case is currently under investigation.

By Lê Đồng/Thanh Thuy