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The new functions on e-Customs support Customs and enterprises

15:25 | 03/11/2016

VCN- A range of new professional functions will be implemented on the e-Customs  system from November 14,2016, aimed at better support for Customs officers as well as making it easier for the declarant when making Customs procedures.

the new functions on e customs support customs and enterprises
Professional activities in Noi Bai international Airport Photo: Ngoc Linh

The new functions include handling the imported and exported goods and managing processed and manufactured goods for export.

Specially, in order to handle imported and exported goods new functions are: registering Customs procedures outside working hours, on days off and holidays; inspecting imported and exported goods when loaded, discharged, transported and stored at the border gate; inspecting the e-document, e-dossier; inspecting goods which are required by the Customs Branch where registering the declaration (authorized inspection); transportation declaration; transfer report; management in imported and exported declaration on site, warning of overdue declaration of Customs procedures.

These functions will help Customs and enterprises input information via the electronic system quickly and usefully for processing Customs procedures of enterprises. For example, with the function registering Customs procedures outside working hours, on days off and holidays as per the current regulation, if the declarants who have demand for implementation of Customs procedures at that time, shall inform to Customs in working hours in writing or via the Customs electronic data base system.

When the declarant registers via the Customs electronic data base system, the leader of the Custom Branch will arrange Customs officers to inspect the registration of Custom procedures outside working hours and based on the actual human resources to reply for the declarant.

Beside, many new functions to manage the processed and manufactured goods for export will be supplemented on the e-Customs system. These functions will help the Customs officer to collect the enterprises’ information such as: production and business areas, final accounts, manage and update the inspection result; the processing enterprises, etc.

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According to Mr. Au Anh Tuan- the Deputy Director of the Customs Control and Supervision Department, the General Department of Customs has implemented building and supplementing a range of new functions on the e-Customs system aimed at supporting Customs officers and facilitating for declarants.

Customs officers are also trained and guided in the new functions by the General Department of Customs, and continue to receive proposals from local Customs in order to complete the system with the actual requirement.

By Ngoc Linh/Hoang Loan