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The Drug Criminal Investigation of Customs is increasingly sharp

17:26 | 26/07/2018

VCN- In the month of anti-drug action, police forces, border guards and Customs coordinated to successfully break many drug lines and drug production from Laos and Cambodia to Vietnam. Speaking to the reporter of the Customs News, Colonel Le Thanh Liem, Deputy Director of the Police of Crime Investigation (C47) - the Ministry of Public Security confirmed:

nghiep vu pha an ma tuy cua hai quan ngay cang sac ben Ha Tinh Customs: arresting a trafficker with 2 kgs of methamphetamine
nghiep vu pha an ma tuy cua hai quan ngay cang sac ben Customs successfully closed two specialized projects, seized 218 bars of heroin
nghiep vu pha an ma tuy cua hai quan ngay cang sac ben Counterfeit drug, pseudo nutritional food - Part 1: All for profit "terrible"
nghiep vu pha an ma tuy cua hai quan ngay cang sac ben
Colonel Le Thanh Liem. Photo: T.H.

This result derived from a good combination of forces from the reconnaissance work, tracking the objects from the border gate to inland to capture exhibits and arrest the leading perpetrators with large drug trafficking lines. With 3 specialized cases from late May 2018 to 11 July 2018, we arrested 19 people, seized 218 bars of heroin, more than 30 kg of narcotic drugs and more than 103,000 synthetic drugs.

What do you think about the current situation of cross-border drug trafficking?

Currently, in Vietnam, only detoxification with ordinary drug addicts is applied. For new drugs transported by smugglers and illegal people, Vietnam does not have detoxification drugs. This is very dangerous because the transport and illegal production of new drugs, especially ecstasy, into Vietnam are very serious.

Illegal drug trafficking from Laos and Cambodia into Vietnam has been quite complicated. A part of the imported narcotics is consumed domestically, and the remaining is re-exported to third countries. The drug transportation of two drug traffickers from Cambodia and Laos to Ho Chi Minh City has just recently been cut off from Vietnam.

In the upcoming time, we will hold a meeting to summarize and draw experience from the project, and work with Laos to coordinate with their relevant units to prevent drugs from Laos. This will limit the illegal transportation of narcotics from Laos into Vietnam.

How does the coordination between the police and Customs forces in drug prevention meet the practical requirements in drug prevention, Sir?

In recent years, the work of drug prevention by the police force, especially the Department of C47, has received the active coordination of the Customs.

Drug trafficking has shown a sharp rise in drug control and drug trafficking.

For example, the Department of Anti-Smuggling and Investigation under the the General Department of Vietnam Customs is a member of a special committee to fight two illegal drug traffickers from Laos and Cambodia to Ho Chi Minh City. In particular, the Customs Drug Control Team in the South under the Department of Anti-Smuggling and Investigation (under the General Department of Customs) is a unit which directly cooperates with soldiers and officers of the police and border guard.

nghiep vu pha an ma tuy cua hai quan ngay cang sac ben Three forces collaborated to destroy the biggest drug trafficking lines in the region

VCN - Over 100 officers and soldiers from three forces: Police, Border Guard and Customs have coordinated ...

Although smugglers who use vehicles to transport drugs are very sophisticated, change vehicles and roads constantly, but with a deep experience, the Customs, Police and border guards monitored and detected drug traffickers from the border to the inland and arrested a number of ringleaders and participants in the lines.

Thank you Sir!

By Le Thu/ Hoang Anh