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Strengthen to manage ceramic tiles imported from China

19:28 | 19/07/2018

VCN – General Department of Vietnam Customs issued a document to direct provincial Customs Department on strengthening management measures for imported ceramic tiles from China in order to timely discover and prevent trade fraud and tax evasion.

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Accordingly, the General Department of Vietnam Customs requested the units to intensify the collection and processing of information of pre-clearance, clearance and post-clearance for shipment of ceramic tiles importing from China to Vietnam to take inspection measures, supervise and control the customs clearance and post-clearance inspection for those shipments.

Particularly, units should pay attention to intensify the collection and processing of information in cases where there were signs of violation such as: Information on selling goods on the market as enameled tile, however, enterprises declared imported items were unglazed tiles to reduce the value of tax,...

At the same time, strengthening the inspection of dossiers, to conduct physical inspection during the process of implementing customs procedure for importing ceramic tiles from China which have signs of taking advantages of incorrect declaration in quantity, type, HS code for tax fraud, customs valuation or shirking the implementation of regulation conformity announcement...

In addition, the General Department of Vietnam Customs also required the officials when checking the dossier and conducting physical inspection goods for the shipment that have above signs of violation, that they should inspect carefully the type of goods, size, quantity for determining the HS code, customs valuation for taking a basis to determine the amount for tax payment; conduct physical inspection according to channel classification system and direction of leader of Customs Branch during the customs procedure process and update specifically on cargo information on the system.

The implementing of customs procedures must strictly comply with the provisions of law; The enterprise must submit a certificate of registration of technical - regulation conformity certified by a technical - regulation conformity certification organization designated by the Ministry of Construction according to the provisions in Circular No. 10/2017 / TT-BXD for settlement.

The General Department of Vietnam Customs also asked the units to review the imports of ceramic tiles from China which have been cleared in accordance with heading 69.07 in accordance with the norm as guidelines in the case of detecting violations of tax assessment and settling administrative violations (if any) in accordance with regulations.

The provincial Customs Departments assigned specific responsibilities for each relevant unit. In cases where the customs officials fail to strictly comply with the customs professional procedures and relevant law provisions, and let enterprises take advantage by committing a violation, they will be strictly handled.

In cases where customs officials committed acts of violations in customs operations, harassment or corruption, these will be settled and are the responsibilities of the leader and deputy manager of concerned units at all levels. At the same time, implementing the transfer to another position in order to enhance the responsibility of customs officials when performing their duties.

By N.Linh/Thanh Thuy