October 16, 2021 19:46

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Seize hundreds of kilograms of drugs in the peak month

17:55 | 28/08/2021

VCN - Hundreds of kilograms of drugs such as heroin, synthetic drugs, marijuana, and opium have been seized by competent forces in the peak month of drug prevention in 2021.

Thousands of synthetic drugs are hidden inside the candy packages (on August 16, 2021)
Thousands of synthetic drugs are hidden inside the candy packages. Photo: Lê Thu

Actively fighting drug-related crimes in customs management areas

The Drug-related Crimes Investigation Police Department (C04, Ministry of Public Security) released the results of the Anti-Drug Action Month from June 1 to June 30 with the theme "For everyone's health, everyone's happiness - Stay away from drugs".

The Ministry of Public Security - the Standing Agency of Drug Prevention issued Plan No. 234/KH-BCA-C04, dated May 29, 2021 directing local police units to develop a plan to effectively implement the Action Month.

In addition, ministries, sectors and local governments directed specialised forces of Police, Border Defences, Coast Guard, and Customs in charge fight drug-related crimes to develop plans for deploying this programme effectively.

Police units and local police agencies had issued a plan on opening a peak phase for destroying drugs trafficking lines, illegal trading drugs, especially on key routes and areas; cooperating for investigating and prosecuting drug-related cases; strictly managing to prevent addicts and users who illegally use narcotics from breaking the law, especially those who suffer from hallucinations and psychosis caused by using synthetic drugs.

C04 assessed that the General Department of Vietnam Customs had directed to strengthen professional measures, be careful in inspection and supervise strictly import and export activities of bulky items at risk of being used to hide drugs.

Customs officers and employees have tried their best to accomplish the task of grasping the situation and verifying the subjects and vehicles involved in the illegal trading and transportation of narcotics and precursors. From that, working closely with other forces to open a peak wave of fighting drug-related crimes in customs management area.

Meanwhile, the Command of Border Defence force issued a dispatch to urge and direct units to strengthen patrols and control border crossings, landmarks and seaports, as well as improve the effectiveness of the fight and handle the case, maintain cooperation with the competent forces of bordering countries in the fight against transnational drug crimes.

At the same time, working with the Police, Customs, and Coast Guard forces to set up a special plan on the borderlines between Vietnam - Laos, Vietnam - Cambodia, and Vietnam - China.

Breaking down more than 4,000 cases

Regarding the results of the fighting, from June 1 to June 30, competent forces of units and local governments discovered 4,142 cases and 6,431 drug-related criminals.

More than 161 kg of heroin, 247,879 kg and more than 161,000 tablets of synthetic drugs, 1.26 kg of ketamine, 115.09 kg of marijuana, 2.6 kg of opium; 26 guns, 172 bullets and many vehicles and assets were seized.

The police force coordinated and arrested 3,906 cases, 6,122 subjects, seized 101.39 kg of heroin, 42.09 kg of marijuana, 105,622 kg and 122,825 synthetic drugs tablets and many related exhibits.

On June 15, C04 coordinated with professional units of the Ministry of Public Security, the Command of Border Defence force, the General Department of Vietnam Customs and the Public Security of Thua Thien - Hue province to close a large drug case and arrested five subjects, seized 30 kg of synthetic drugs and many related exhibits. The project is currently under investigation.

On June 30, HCM City Police successfully discovered a line of illegal drug trafficking from Cambodia to Vietnam for consumption, arresting five subjects and seizing 111,464 kg of synthetic drugs of all kinds and related evidence.

The People's Procuracy at all levels has received and exercised the right to prosecute and supervise the investigation of 3,292 cases and 4,279 accused; decided to prosecute 1,552 cases, 2,043 defendants and exercise the right to prosecute and supervise first-instance trials for 2,340 cases, 3,019 defendants.

People's Courts at all levels gave the first-instance trial to 2,176 cases, 2,787 accused of drug-related crimes. Some large and serious cases were urgently studied by the court sector and brought to trial in a timely and strict manner complying with the law.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy