May 25, 2022 01:58

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Risk management applied to specialised inspection

08:12 | 25/07/2021

VCN – The majority of surveyed firms assessed procedures for specialised management and inspection of ministries at a “normal level”.

A customs officer takes a sample for analysis. Photo: N.Linh
A customs officer takes a sample for analysis. Photo: N.Linh

Processes and procedures still make it difficult for businesses

The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), the General Department of Customs (GDC) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Vietnam conducted a survey "Businesses’ satisfaction with import-export administrative procedures: Findings from 2020 Survey " with five levels: Easy/ Relatively easy/ Normal/ Relatively difficult/ difficult.

The survey findings show the majority of surveyed enterprises assessed the specialised management and inspection procedures of ministries and sectors at "normal" level (65-70% of enterprises). 10-15% of them assessed these procedures as "relatively easy"

Procedures for food safety management received more positive assessment than in the 2018 survey.

Procedures in other specialised management areas in the 2020 Survey including animal quarantine procedures, phytosanitary procedures and cultural inspection procedures are assessed easy or relatively easy with 32.9%, 24.6% and 25.4% of surveyed firms respectively.

Also through the survey, enterprises raised difficulties they often encountered in specialised inspection activities.

Specifically, difficulties with complicated procedures were reported by enterprises the most (55.3%), followed by difficulties in travel many times to complete the procedures, processing time and difficulties in accessing information and the internet errors of the online systems.

In addition, businesses also said that the list of goods subject to specialised inspection is too much. Procedures for specialised inspection are cumbersome. Although most specialised inspection procedures are carried out at border gates, sometimes enterprises have to visit ministries and agencies to solve the work.

High expectations for a starring agency in charge of specialized inspection

Currently, the Project "Reforming the model of quality inspection and food safety inspection for import goods" developed by the General Department of Customs and approved by the Government in Decision 38 dated 12 January 1, 2021 is expected to be one of the first steps to comprehensively reform the management and specialised inspection of import and export goods.

Survey on import and export administrative procedures of VCCI, GDC and USAID
Survey on import and export administrative procedures of VCCI, GDC and USAID

In addition, many businesses expect the number of goods subject to specialised inspection to continue to decrease

Enterprises also suggested that specialised inspection should fully and substantially apply the principles of risk management. Ministries and specialised inspection agencies must pay attention to reforming administrative procedures, reviewing legal documents, simplifying procedures, enhancing efficiency in procedure settlement, and providing information and answering questions for firms and upgrading information technology infrastructure.

The information sharing between specialised management and inspection agencies and Customs also needs to be accelerated, especially data sharing on administrative procedures and coordination to answer questions and guide firms on procedures.

Along with that, many businesses wish that specialised inspection activities could be socialised. Authorities should study options for authorising or appointing many competent agencies and organisations to conduct specialised inspection.

By Huong Diu/ Huyen Trang