June 06, 2023 23:30

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Mong Cai: Tens of containers of salted jellyfish are still in stores

09:08 | 31/08/2019

VCN – Leaders of Mong Cai Customs Branch (Quang Ninh Customs Department) confirmed that currently there are tens of containers of salted jellyfish backlogged in the Mong Cai City area (Quang Ninh) because China has stopped importing this item since May 27.

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Mong Cai Customs officials checked import-export goods. Photo: Q.H

Also, according to a leader of Mong Cai Customs Branch, in recent times, all procedures for exporting lobster, crabs and glazed fish were still operating normally. This activity takes place on a small scale, on average 1-2 containers per day.

However, currently, there are some warehouses storing salted jellyfish in Mong Cai City.

The above goods were purchased and caught inland, then sent to rented warehouses in Mong Cai City for preservation.

Previously, on July 24, Vice Chairman of Quang Ninh People's Committee Bui Van Khang directed the provincial Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development, Departments of Industry and Trade and related localities to discuss with China’s management agency for removing difficulties.

At the meeting, enterprises, aquaculturists, related departments and sectors of the province agreed on solutions to problems related to procedures, quality control of goods, and preservation of frozen goods. In particular, dealing with the number of backlogged products at the border gate and the number of seafoods being prepared for harvesting was a focus.

Also at this meeting, Bui Van Khang asked relevant departments, sectors and localities to focus on propagating for farmers and seafood processing enterprises to grasp the import policy of China to have an appropriate strategy for their operation. At the same time, they must strictly comply with regulations, standards, techniques for aquaculture, processing and exporting Vietnamese seafood products and import requirement of these products in international markets, including the Chinese market; especially to control antibiotic residue and preservatives.

In the short term, to remove difficulties for enterprises that face backlogs in Mong Cai, Quang Ninh province also directed the Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Industry and Trade, and Mong Cai City People's Committee to issue documents to request ministries and sectors to participate in negotiations with the Chinese side about extending the time for fulfilling the requirements of goods preservation for aquatic products by the same preservation method (freezing, glazed) and removing the problems of quarantine certificates for shipments without certificates.

Relevant units will continue to facilitate businesses in implementing export procedures for aquatic products.

By Quang Hùng/Thanh Thuy