June 27, 2022 01:26

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Ministry urges reduction in goods deliveries via border checkpoints with China

20:00 | 15/02/2020

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has repeatedly urged Vietnamese exporters to reduce deliveries of goods via Vietnam China border checkpoints except for official channel exports or that Chinese partners can confirm to take delivery of the goods

ministry urges reduction in goods deliveries via border checkpoints with china

Trucks carrying farm produce go through Vietnam's border gate (Photo: VNA)

The spreading new coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is taking toll on the economy as it has forced border trade on hold, particularly exports of fruits and farm produce from Vietnam to China.

The ministry called on all exporters to closely monitor the situation at these border gates and suggested them to export their goods through official channels.

The exporters can negotiate with their Chinese partners to shift to the official channels and apply all necessary steps to prepare for that in terms of packaging, labelling, traceability and food safety certification, the ministry recommended.

The ministry will continue its efforts to seek new foreign markets for the Vietnamese goods, especially fruits and farm produce.

Source: VNA